<3 ~*~~ Stephanie Johnson's cunning stunts ~~*~ <3

<3 ~*~~ Stephanie Johnson's cunning stunts ~~*~ <3


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    Most Incredible Dance Ever

    Most Incredible Dance Ever

    by fancytopping (2/12/09) 3,685 views

    Kelli Baker performs the hardest, most beautiful dance audition in the history of time, perfectly. Absolutely incredible. That leg move is called a "tilt", and it is a spectacular show of active oversplit flexibility... loves it. XOXO Lisa :P http://www.youtube.com/sexygal17 for more.

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    Huge Tricks, Stupid Announcers 02:42

    Huge Tricks, Stupid Announcers

    by fancytopping (2/8/09) 3,204 views

    All of the biggest, hardest gymnastics moves done for the first time, stuck, or done better than ever. check out http://www.youtube.com/sexygal17 for more insane trickery, in High Definition!!! xoStephy :P Pineapples, plus lovable American announcers. Watch out for a Triple back layout in life. Pike straddle side 3/4 layout. Double side somi. Straight double double. While you're at it, do me a favour and stick whip double layout punch front? Maybe a double stag? Vanessa? Like it? GOOD. Check out for LOTS more madness like this!!! You see the interesting thing about this sport is that there are so many moves. Roundoff, back hand spring, whip back, full twisting step out, onodi, front handspring, bounder, fly spring, double front pike barani out, punch front full step out, roundoff, flip flop, arabian front tuck step out, aerial roundoff, whip, layout one and a half step out, roundoff, one armed back handspring, pike straddle side one and three quarter roll out, back handspring step out half out, roundoff, handspring layout step out, back walk over, back handspring stepout, layout full, double full, tripple full, back layout half step out, aerial front walk over, side aerial, rulfolva, back extension, handspring, handspring, full in, whip, double layout full out, whip, double twisting double layout, whip, full twisting triple back, headspring, side somi, cartwheel, gainer switch leg back handspring step out, full twisting layout step out, straddle leap, wolf jump full, straight jump double turn, punch spontaneous combustion. The US vs. the world, the United States versus the world, and the US leads the world, this is a major surprise! OH! 2008 2004 2000 1996 1992 1988 1984 1980 1976 1972 1968 1964 1960 1956 1954 1950 worlds world's olympics olympic all around event finals floor bars tumbling euros individual gold 10 first time performed new trick only one ever done styles yes

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    Cirque-Tacular Wrath's Unbridled Rage 04:13

    Cirque-Tacular Wrath's Unbridled Rage

    by lelandtilden (1/29/09) 13,284 views

    Larissa Pelletterio twists and writhes through emotive movements in her visceral interpretation of the sin of wrath, with music by Sepultura. This act is an exerpt from "Cirque-Tacular and the seven deadly sins" by www.A2D2.ca. Shot in HD by Leland Tilden for the purposes of re-mediation on "the Flipside," a short form adventure-fitness program coming your way throughout 2009. These long-form clips of raw material appear for your enjoyment by special request of Larissa Pelletterio. 2009 www.theflipside.tv

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    Cirque Tacular on the Flipside 01:13

    Cirque Tacular on the Flipside

    by lelandtilden (1/12/09) 1,795 views

    Angelic Elisa DeAngelis shows us her circus of sin over Coffee at Tatsu's. Sickness... http://www.theFlipside.tv "Cirque~Tacular and the seven deadly sins" is an aerial dance fusion showcase featuring rope, silks, hoop, hammoc, stilts, hip hop and contemporary dancers, musicians and fire performers. Cirque~Tacular can be booked as an entire show, or by act. Check out www.A2D2.com for more details! Be sure to stay tuned for more Flipside adventures, coming your way in High Definition on metacafe.com! Lelandtilden ~ Leland Tilden Producer/Creator ~ www.theflipside.tv

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    Sarah Gets a Mary Murphy Scream for Her Tunadance.

    Sarah Gets a Mary Murphy Scream for Her Tunadance.

    by lelandtilden (10/17/08) 873 views

    Sarah has a hot tunafish seizure in this glorious banner captured from the So You Think You Can Dance Canada site. You may also recognize Sarah from her legendary aerial circus arts performances, flashdance on the subway in a Cloverleaf Tuna ad, and her appearances On The Flip Side. Check out www.sarahscheunhage.com for more unmissable Sarah action.

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    Toronto Inferno 01:08

    Toronto Inferno

    by lelandtilden (2/22/08) 5,156 views

    During the lunar eclipse, Fire fighters heroically battle the rampant blaze in downtown Toronto's Queen West historic district on February 20th. Drake's cycle shop, Jupiter, Pizziaolo and Suspect video were among the many charred and water-damaged buildings after Toronto's finest firemen battled the blaze for almost 24 hours, through the lunar eclipse. Shot and edited by Leland Tilden, 2008.

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    Dreadlocks 01:09


    by lelandtilden (9/6/07) 3,260 views

    It's not the cough that carries you off, but the coffin they carry you off in. http://suspendedanimationcircus.com/

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    Tramp Bails 01:09

    Tramp Bails

    by lelandtilden (9/6/07) 12,533 views

    World record holding trampolinist Jason Burnett shows Angie and Leland how to megabail and live. Starring Jason Burnett, world record holder for highest degree of difficulty on the trampoline, Angela Kailan and Leland Tilden of RISING DESCENT stunt team in Toronto. Thanks Sky Riders!

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