Acu-point massage, not to be confused with acupressure, is not widely known, even in China. The people skilled in the specific art of rejuvenating the skin are primarily located in Chongqing, in southwestern China. The art of rejuvenating the skin, the bodys largest organ, is more closely related to health than being a beauty treatment. A specific finger massage technique is applied to the acu-points to stimulate the bodys energy flow and rejuvenate the skin. For best effect, moderate exercise should also be performed to stimulate blood flow within the capillaries. Although weekly treatments from a master or qualified technician will yield best results, this treatment technique can also be self-administered with proper training. Over a period of time, the self-administered treatments will lead to amazing results. Tian Yong can actually give herself a treatment in a public place, such as a restaurant, with no one noticing. Tian Yong has applied her art at the Chongqing Professional Hospital and has lectured on the subject at Southwest University in Bei Bei, Chongqing, one a Chinas largest universities. Her rejuvenation treatment center in Chongqing has operated for more than twelve years. Grand Master Tian Yongs reputation attracted many students requesting instruction in the art of age reversal and acu-point massage. Before returning to China, she also operated a treatment center in Canada. For a free e-booklet on anti-aging, visit the web site at rejuvenationcenters****
  • 20 Feb 2009
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