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    Dayton Depot Jamboree April 22 06:19

    Dayton Depot Jamboree April 22

    by fernleynews (4/22/10) 26 views

    FernleyNews.com iReport for April 22, 2010 submitted video interview Jamboree and Art Show April 24, 2010 10 AM to 4 PM on the corner of Main St. & Hwy 50, Dayton Nevada. Interview segment about the jamboree includes Morgan Weber - Local Historical volunteer Harold Roy Miller - Local Poet Tom Zachary - Local Singer and Crying Cowboy.

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    The Fernley Water Treatment Plant .. Part 4 06:08

    The Fernley Water Treatment Plant .. Part 4

    by fernleynews (11/1/09) 86 views

    http://fernleynews.com October 28, 2009 Part 4 In this interview with Councilman Curt Chaffin we to back to the beginning of the Unfunded Federal Mandated Water Treatment Plant and how the property was selected. We also discuss the 50 lawsuits that were filed by groups and individuals that were all dismissed without merit.

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    Mandatory Trash Issues and Answers 06:59

    Mandatory Trash Issues and Answers

    by fernleynews (10/28/09) 8 views

    http://fernleynews.com Part 3 in our continuing coverage of the Fernley Ward 4 Recall Election. In this interview with Councilman Curt Chaffin we address the issues and allegations against his support of the mandatory trash law in Fernley Nevada.

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    Is a Coup Brewing in Fernley? .. Part 1 08:03

    Is a Coup Brewing in Fernley? .. Part 1

    by fernleynews (10/23/09) 22 views

    http://fernleynews.com October 23, 2005 - Part 1 On October 9th a small group calling themselves Citizens Working 4 Fernley mounted a recall against Councilman Monte Martin. There are a total of 1,780 registered voters in Ward 3. Only 153 total ballots were cast. Robert Chase, a rumored hand picked candidate, was seated as councilman for Ward 3 with only 97 votes to his credit. It was also reported that a number of residents in Ward 3 were unaware of that recall election. Charles Lawson, an opinion writer in a local paper wrote Unfortunately, the process doesn't allow for adequate noticing of all voters involved and has a relatively minuscule number of signers required on a petition for recall, so everything combined made for a rather rude education for Mr. Martin and a wake-up notice for those who irritate the rowdy element. The group has now set it's sites on Councilman Curt Chaffin of Ward 4. According to the notice of intent, the group is calling for a recall because Mr. Chaffin .. failed to provide adequate supervision and make proper inquires into the performance of the former treasurer .. failed to provide adequate supervision over the former city manager .. failed to respond to constituent concerns and complaints .. supported mandatory trash for Fernley .. supported the Pozzolin Mine within 400 feet of residential property .. supported transferring water to Pyramid Lake to the detriment of Fernley farmers and ranchers. In this series we will be talking in-depth with Mr. Chaffin and addressing all the issues and a allegations set forth by this group.

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    Pet of the Month - K1 Silver Springs, NV 04:21

    Pet of the Month - K1 Silver Springs, NV

    by fernleynews (10/21/09) 21 views

    http://fernleynews.com October's Pet of The Month is from Lyon County Animal Shelter in Silver Springs, Nevada. If you would like to adopt K-1 or another dog that desperately needs a home please call the shelter at 775-577-5005 or visit the facility at 3705 HWY 50, Silver Springs, NV. There are only two ways out of this place. Adoption or death Please take care of the pets you have and don't abandon them.

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    How-to Real Estate Nuts & Bolts 05:11

    How-to Real Estate Nuts & Bolts

    by fernleynews (10/18/09) 25 views

    http://fernleynews.com Fernley News Webisode #4 Find out what you need to know when buying a home. Our Conversation with Peggy Foley includes .. * Government Subsidies * Getting your Credit in Order * Where to go to get it done Information on Short Sales with Eric Gothan includes .. * What is a Short Sale * When to think about a short sale for your home *************************** Information is presented by Foley Realty in Fernley NV Foley Realty is located at 75 East Main Street Fernley NV 775-575-1008 Peggy Foley - Broker Eric Gothan - Sales Manager http://www.foleyrealty.biz/

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