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    Real Hard Scissors II - Preview 02:34

    Real Hard Scissors II - Preview

    by fightplaceboy (11/2/07) 6,350 views

    Gustel, Jon and Samy are confirmed football fans - only they are fans of different clubs - that smells of potential trouble! When the three fans spend a 'football on TV' evening together a test of strength is bound to follow. Gustel provokes Jon, who after his first appearance with fightplace in 2006, has been training hard in the fitness studio and is now much more muscular. As a result Gustel does not have such an easy time of it and the fight is a tight struggle for victory. Then the well trained Samy checks out Jon who is dressed only in shorts. Like in the previous fight, fan shirts and jeans get torn to test the victim. In the last Fight Gustel gives everything in order to win against Samy, this is never easy he counters with his strong leg scissors.

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    The Big Fight Night 02:38

    The Big Fight Night

    by fightplaceboy (10/12/07) 51,722 views

    In a more than 2-hour 'Wrestling Marathon' we present 8 fighters who give their best skills in numerous Fights. Shorty, Lukas, Slavek, Vladimir, Ivan, Danny and two new fighters who celebrate their debut in this great event. Justin is convincing by his huge ability and immediately takes up the challenge with Wladi and Ivan. Marcel who has especially travelled from Bavaria for this evening, shows clearly that it is possible to put on a good struggle against Wladi. Scarcely 18 years old this boy proves combative abilities of the finest. In this evening nobody can hold a candle to him and therefore he is the outright winner of this tournament. This win is very much to the annoyance of Wladi. All the other participants also bring their best performances and you can watch a first-class fight evening with a lot of fun and action. More:

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    The Young Mechanic - Preview - 01:28

    The Young Mechanic - Preview -

    by fightplaceboy (10/2/07) 3,734 views

    Wladi is an auto mechanic trainee in a small workshop. It is just before the end of work and he does not feel like doing much. Suddenly Marco enters wanting to fetch his car, however, Marco's car is not ready yet. Marco is very angry and agitated about this and he holds Wladi responsible for this slovenliness and they quarrel violently until they arrange to meet for a fight in the evening. In the evening Wladi waits quite impatiently for Marco as he wants to show him he is master of the mat. Marco does not have to wait long and quickly an exciting fight begins between two similar strength opponents. A very tough and well - balanced fight, because Marco seems to be able to hold his own against Wladi. To see the hot rounds of fighting get this fight session three.

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    Wrestle With Me - Preview - 01:21

    Wrestle With Me - Preview -

    by fightplaceboy (9/30/07) 4,059 views

    Wrestle with me Our newcomer Robert is working on his bike in the garage and is already very irritated because he is not succeeding with what he is trying to do. Wladi arrives, wanting to do some training in the training space and he ‘winds-up’ Robert. Robert is a gutsy guy and will not take this from Waldimir. He wants to show him that he has had enough of it although he is a little smaller and more slightly built. Beginning with strength measuring using the dumbbells they both soon go for a fight on the mats. Because it is hard to fight in street or working clothes, they quickly put on wrestler's tricots. Soon, however they are hot and sweaty and wrestle only in briefs.

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    Mude Combat - Preview -

    Mude Combat - Preview -

    by fightplaceboy (9/20/07) 27,619 views

    If you like it really dirty with hard ball grabs and rip and strip wrestling, you can’t miss BRUTAL MUD COMBAT. Chesko and Wladi show their rounded skills and obviously love to humiliate each other in the mud. It makes no difference to them whether they attack their opponent with Schoolboypins, Bodyscissors, Ball Grabs or Wedgies. The central issue of the fighters is to make their opponent suffer. It starts quite harmlessly, actually, a quiet and relaxed scene. Then things move to the (mud) ring, after a few minutes they tear each others’ jeans and become more and more aggressive. A fantastic fight between two sporty boys is kindled. --Sent via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly

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    Schoolboypins III - Preview - 01:43

    Schoolboypins III - Preview -

    by fightplaceboy (8/15/07) 10,538 views

    A lot of people have asked us to continue our successful series 'Schoolboy pins'. Samy and Chesko are in the newest film and in their repertoir of moves we not only have schoolboy pins but also body and Headscissors, ball grabs and many other Wrestling tricks. This film is a notch harder and wilder than part I and II. Additional events include tying up and frequent nipple treatments. You will be surprised and excited by the very sporty fighters and their tricks. --Sent via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly

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    Team Training II 02:38

    Team Training II

    by fightplaceboy (8/16/07) 15,783 views

    Fightplace is pleased to present two new fighters to you in Team Training: Mario, he is 23 and from the age of 15 years a professional wrestler and Jonny, 18 years old and a footballer. Both set to work in team Training II to prove their skills to the others in the team. Training begins with a short football match, in which Mario attacks the rather shy Mario quite hard. Nevertheless, Mario shows no fear and throws Robert to the ground. Robert has certainly underestimated the 170 cm and only 60 kg Mario, he provokes Mario so they decide to continue their Fight in the training space. Now Robert must suffer, because 15 years of wrestling match experience of Mario are not to be bettered by Robert. Jonny shows his power in his first Fight against Basti and later against Samy. This training session is hot and energetic, real really submission fights! Altogether you see in team Training II 7 single fights with 5 fighters, more than 90 minutes in total!!! This time, you will see the full repertoire of Submission-Wrestling with all the tricks and clutches which our boys know. Play length approx. 91 minutes. In the singles fight: 1. Robert vs. Mario (Street clothes) 2. Basti vs. Jonny (Street clothes) 3. Robert vs. Mario (second part/ Briefs/Shorts) 4. Samy vs. Jonny (Street Clothes/Briefs) 5. Basti vs. Robert (Speedos/Briefs) 6. Mario vs. Samy (Speedos/Shorts) 7. Basti vs. Samy (Speedos/Briefs) --Sent via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly

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    Warm-up For Wrestling 01:15

    Warm-up For Wrestling

    by fightplaceboy (8/12/07) 5,145 views

    Warm-up for wrestling In the fitness area of a small wrestling club coach Luis trains Tom and Manuel in the use of the equipment and warms them up for a match on the mats. After a short time Mario and Marlon enter the studio and quarrel with Luis because Marlon thinks he knows everything best. Marlon and Luis have the biggest argument and begin with the first match. Marlon is slightly injured and can’t get anything on the by far heavier Luis. Then Mario interferes and everyone is curious whether the experienced small wrestler has a chance against the muscle packed Luis. In the beginning Luis shows no respect, however, he notices that Mario is a difficult opponent for him. It becomes even worse: Mario takes Luis most violently and shows him what 15 years wrestling experience means. Nevertheless, Luis does not want to stand there at the end as the looser. He gets Manuel as the next opponent who is also a professional wrestler. We do not want to give away everything of course… It looks as if both wrestlers (Mario and Manuel) teach the rest about fear on the mat. This time 'Warm-up for Wrestling' debuts for you the wiry Asian Tom (19), as well as the athletic Yank Luis (26) and Manuel (27), an experienced wrestler from Germany. --Sent via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly