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Videos for those of us who might be vidiots... and the rest of you too.


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    Animation With Cinema 4d

    Animation With Cinema 4d

    by firelinestudios (1/12/08) 1,581 views

    This is a the first pass of an animation I created using Cinema 4D. I think it ended up looking OK but if you have any suggestions on how to make it more realistic, please leave me a comment.

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    Disneyworld Test Track Ride At EPCOT 03:23

    Disneyworld Test Track Ride At EPCOT

    by firelinestudios (1/12/08) 7,568 views

    This was shot while riding on the Test Track Ride at Disneyworld's EPCOT Center. Here's some other Amusement park rides you may have heard of: Balloon Race / Samba Balloon Condor Dark rides Disk-O Drop tower Enterprise Ferris wheels or Big wheels Frisbees Motion platforms Observation towers Gyro Towers Pirate Ship / Pharaoh's Roller coasters switchbacks Horror train Sightseeing trains Sky Swat Screamin' Swing Reverse bungee (slingshot) Swing Around / Apollo Tumble Bug Carnival or Funfair/Fair/Fairground rides Traditional and transportable rides found at Carnivals/Fairs, many of which may also be found in amusement parks 1001 Nacht / Ali Baba / Falling Star / Joker / Rainbow (also called Flying Carpet) Breakdance Bumper cars or Dodgems Carousels or Merry-go-round Chair-O-Planes - swing ride Chaos Crazy shake Cliffhanger / Kite Flyer / * Dive bomber Enterprise (also called Millennium) Evolution* Flying Coaster (also called Ski Jump or Kangaroo) Freak Out FunhousesFun Slide Ghost Kamikaze Kiddie ride KMG Afterburner (Fireball) Matterhorn / Flying Bobs Music Express / Himalaya / Rock N Roll / Silver Streak Orbiter Octopus / Monster / Polyp / Spider Paratrooper or Umbrella Ride / Force 10 Power Reverse bungee (also called slingshot or ejection seat} Ranger Scrambler / Sizzler/ Twist (also called Twister) Simulator Sky Wheel / Skywheel Speed Spin Out (also known as Move-It) Super star Tagada (riders sit in a large bowl, in which it spins round and jolts about) Tip-top (similar to a Paratrooper, but the ride sends passengers upside down)Toboggan Tornado Train rides, "kiddie ride" type Twin Flip UFO Wave Swinger Whip Wipeout / Trabant (also called Satellite and the Yo-Y Zipper supermanrideofsteel

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    Best Rocket Launch EVER! 01:48

    Best Rocket Launch EVER!

    by firelinestudios (1/10/08) 2,021 views

    The Launch of the Shuttle Endeavor on December 5 2001. Every launch is different and this was one of my favorites. Because the launch actually took place before sunrise, the contrail is show breaking the horizon and catching up to it's own sunrise. This made for an amazingly colorful display.

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    Delta V Rocket Launch 01:56

    Delta V Rocket Launch

    by firelinestudios (1/11/08) 4,867 views

    This is a Delta V Rocket launching from the Kennedy Space Cent at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base on Merritt Island. It's the same place A lot of the Mercury and Geminii launches happened.

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    Columbia Shuttle Launch Tour And Crash. A Tribute 08:14

    Columbia Shuttle Launch Tour And Crash. A Tribute

    by firelinestudios (1/10/08) 3,655 views

    I put this together the day after the Shuttle Columbia Crashed in Texas. I was at the Space Center waiting for Columbia to land at the SLF [Shuttle Landing Facility] . We realized there was a big problem when the shuttle was over 5 minutes late in returning. This video shows the launch then some video I shot in the OPF [ Orbiter Processing Facility ] underneath Columbia and then the reactions of the people in Houston at Mission Control.