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    The Red Hook Oscillator 05:32

    The Red Hook Oscillator

    by foxdove (11/8/09) 36 views

    Strange vibrations of a sculpture in Red Hook Brooklyn, NY Wind, nor other obvious conditions are the reason behind this, it is a mystery still. Theory is that the vibrations are caused by a Tectonic Fault Line running through NJ, Brooklyn, and Manhattan up through Central Park.

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    An Experiment In Acoustic Levitation 01:50

    An Experiment In Acoustic Levitation

    by foxdove (9/14/08) 14,611 views

    This is an acoustic levitation chamber that I designed and built for a series of experiments relating to NASA experiments in micro-gravity simulation. The opbjects are levitated by precise control of acoustic standing waves along 3 axis. The waves are generated by 3 speakers driven by 3 amplifiers. The movement and spin of objects can be controlled by changing the amplitude, phase, and frequency of the 3 waves. Dr. David Deak