Dog Training School

Dog Training School

Do you have problems housebreaking your puppy? Do you have problems with your dog paying attention in public dogparks? Are distracting situations difficult for your dog to deal with? Are you tired of trying inefficient dog training methods, that are filled with excuses on why they don t work? If these problems and others sound familiar to you, or if you would just like to have a better behaved, off-leash trained pet that you and your family can enjoy, then give the world s leaders in efficient, fast, off-leash training around distraction, that is easily transferable to you, the owner of your dog. Whether you are looking for dog obedience, hunting dog training, police K-9 training, or just learning simple dog tricks, give Fred Hassen s Sit Means Sit dog training a call and set up your evaluation and demonstration today. Both you and your dog will be happy you did! Check out our dog training videos, or contact us about opening a Sit Means Sit dog training school in your town!! information and dog videos from Sit Means Sit dog training company. Sit Means Sit dog training offers fast, efficient services and results for both the dog and the dog owner. Learn to become a professional dog trainer with the world's leading team concept dog training business. Top dog trainers, making top incomes. Sit Means Sit Dog Training with Fred Hassen has locations in the following cities: Dog Training Gulf Coast Alabama | Dog Training Tucson Arizona | Dog Training Phoenix Arizona | Dog Training Riverside California | Dog Training Sacramento California | Dog Training Bay Area California | Dog Training Los Angeles California | Dog Training San Diego California | Dog Training San Diego California North | Dog Training San Diego California South Bay | Dog Training Temecula Valley California | Dog Training Ventura County California | Dog Training Colorado Springs Colorado | Dog Training Denver Colorado | Dog Training Northwestern Colorado | Dog Training Western Slope Colorado | Dog Training Fort Lauderdale Florida | Dog Training Palm Beach Florida | Dog Training Southwest Florida | Dog Training Atlanta Georgia | Dog Training North Georgia | Dog Training Northeast Georgia | Dog Training Southern Idaho | Dog Training Chicago Illinois | Dog Training Rockville Indiana | Dog Training Kansas City Kansas/Missouri | Dog Training New Orleans Louisiana | Dog Training Anne Arundel County Maryland | Dog Training Upper Marlboro Maryland | Dog Training Boston Massachusetts | Dog Training North Boston Massachusetts | Dog Training Charlotte North Carolina | Dog Training Greater Charlotte North Carolina | Dog Training Las Vegas Nevada | Dog Training Boulder City Nevada | Dog Training Carson City Nevada | Dog Training Pahrump Nevada | Dog Training Central New Jersey | Dog Training South New Jersey | Dog Training Ocean County New Jersey | Dog Training Jersey Shore New Jersey | Dog Training Cleveland/Akron Ohio | Dog Training Northeast Ohio | Dog Training Oklahoma City Oklahoma | Dog Training Pennsylvania | Dog Training Nashville Tennessee | Dog Training Austin Texas | Dog Training Dallas Texas | Dog Training Fort Worth Texas | Dog Training San Antonio Texas | Dog Training Salt Lake City Utah | Dog Training Oakville Ontario Canada


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    Youtube Videos - This is the Perfect Cameraman

    Youtube Videos - This is the Perfect Cameraman

    by fredhassen (3/15/10) 23 views

    Ever wonder how to find the perfect cameraman to make a youtube video for you? Or even to make any video for you. A good cameraman is the key to success and you can see in this video that it is so easy that even a dog can do it!

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    Labrador Retriever Dog Training - Walking Singles 03:34

    Labrador Retriever Dog Training - Walking Singles

    by fredhassen (3/4/10) 274 views

    This dog training video shows how I do walking singles by myself with my 14 month old Labrador Retriever. Finding a training partner can sometimes be difficult, and having the ability to do some drills alone makes it easier.

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    Dog Beds - How to Implement Them into Training 03:07

    Dog Beds - How to Implement Them into Training

    by fredhassen (2/25/10) 15 views

    This video shows how if you wisely choose the right dog bed, cot, or placeboard as your dog bed when you are shopping, how you can implement a dog bed like this one into training as well with various sizes, stackable, durable and versatile.

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    Police K9 Dog Training School - Belgian Malinois 02:12

    Police K9 Dog Training School - Belgian Malinois

    by fredhassen (2/23/10) 7,059 views Fred Hassen is seen here demonstrating multiple commands while still maintaining drive, balance and spirit. This was part of a demonstration at the 2010 Invictus Law Dog Police K9 Law enforcement seminar

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    How I Prepared for AKC Jr Hunt Test -steady 05:16

    How I Prepared for AKC Jr Hunt Test -steady

    by fredhassen (2/21/10) 257 views

    Some techniques I used in preparing my young dog to be steady for his very first AKC jr hunt test, in which he passed. Many ways to teach this and hopefully something here is of value to someone.

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    Dog Training - Vet Office Visit 04:49

    Dog Training - Vet Office Visit

    by fredhassen (2/9/10) 18 views

    A quite comical visit to the Veterinarian office that all can relate to. Dog Trainer Fred Hassen takes us through the entire process including the dog getting 3 shots. Having your dog under control makes life easier for all.

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    Super Bowl Sunday - Dog Training Class 04:02

    Super Bowl Sunday - Dog Training Class

    by fredhassen (2/7/10) 23 views

    It's Super Bowl sunday on the morning of the Saints vs. Colts and I popped in our dog training class to watch a few of our customers as they enjoy their dogs being off-leash. Having both fun and controlled obedience gives them the ability to do more.

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    Retriever Dog Training 05:31

    Retriever Dog Training

    by fredhassen (2/5/10) 55 views

    14 month old Black Labrador Retriever 'Charger' is seen here learning to run a small channel of water without getting onto the bank. A small round placeboard is used as a target for the dog to go back to in this dog training video.

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