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In this episode Marc rants about potential clients not unerstanding that data for their website cannot be automatically retrieved from other existing websites, without being provided a data source of some kind (eg. MySQL, Excel, etc).
  • 29 Apr 2009
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David and Marc, after 3 takes, finally share with you how leaving comments on other blogs has benefited them and how it could benefit you.
  • 16 Apr 2009
  • 35
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David teaches you how to style threaded Wordpress comments using CSS and HTML.
  • 15 Apr 2009
  • 108
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Today David and Marc come up with three things to rant about. First thing is SA top bloggers have got their cars wrong. They should have an Alfa Romeo 8C. Then we rant about over charging to create a CSS and HTML site. And thirdly, you'd think that with all the investments put into big companies like FriendFeed and Facebook they would atleast come up with original designs.
  • 14 Apr 2009
  • 150
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David and Marc explain how including your personal work/project in your portfolio can help you land a deal.
  • 8 Apr 2009
  • 67
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David and Marc give you 7 reasons why you should be on twitter. 1. Maximizing every social medium possable. 2. Networking with people in the community. 3. Finding help and resources (ie. using Twitter Search). 4. Outsourcing 5. Marketing yourself, brand, business etc. 6. Keeping up with news and trends. 7. Getting business. Enjoy!
  • 7 Apr 2009
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David and Marc speak about future Wordpress themes, the SA Blog Awards and From the Couch episodes to come.
  • 3 Apr 2009
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David and Marc announce the winners of the Hash One theme.
  • 31 Mar 2009
  • 82
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David and Marc give you a run down of their first premium limited edition Wordpress theme. Be sure you visit From the Couch in order to enter the competition to win a copy.
  • 26 Mar 2009
  • 110
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With the launch of the premium Wordpress theme 'Hash One' coming very very soon David and Marc decided it would be best if they explained one or two details about winning the theme. Launch day is the 26th of March 2009. Be ready.
  • 25 Mar 2009
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David and Marc ask you, the viewers, why everyone in the blogging world is always willing to share and give away products. Why aren't we tougher? Why do we just keep giving ourselves away? We would love to hear your thoughts.
  • 24 Mar 2009
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Last week David made a last minute dash to the airport so he could catch an interview with Mobile web man Tyler Reed. At the tender age of 21 he has probably acheived more than we will in a life time.
  • 20 Mar 2009
  • 195
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6 months ago we had an epiphany. We had no idea that this idea would get us so far within the community of designers and developers. In this episode we pop a bottle of champers and show an outtake or two of the last 100 episodes.
  • 7 Nov 2009
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David shows you the basics of CSS Sprites and how to use them in your site design.
  • 16 Mar 2009
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David gives you a rundown on a wireframe that he created for a client.
  • 14 Mar 2009
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David and Marc give you a rundown of "Hashone", the first Obox Signature Series theme. They talk about the frontend design, the backend functions and the cleanliness of the coding. They also share details on the competition to win the "Hashone" theme.
  • 12 Mar 2009
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David and Marc vent a bit about the difficulties a layman is faced with when starting up a blog.
  • 11 Mar 2009
  • 250
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