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this is the first test I made from my music mod (released 05 02 2012) , you can find it there : *******www.twcenter****/forums/showthread.php?p=10995009#post10995009
  • 7 Feb 2012
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After to have bombed and killed 5 000 russians civilians with katyucha in cities, villages, hospitals and schools, where are your americans and israelits advisors Saakashvili ? Where are your ukrenians and muslims mercenaries ? You are going to pay for your crimes Saakashvili , pretty soon, you will not be able to avoid justice coming from the sky.
  • 18 Aug 2008
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a little video which show than food companies try to hide aspartam (E951) as the people start to be worry of this poison.
  • 24 May 2009
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We are under mass manipulation, real history and true are not on TV or school, stop to be a zombie, think by yourself, observe, make your brain in mode ON for God seek, there is something BIG going on witch involves all of us … Nous sommes sous une manipulation de masse, l’histoire authentique et la vérité ne se trouve pas à la TV ni à l’école, arrêtez de vous comporter en zombie, pensez par vous-même, observez, faîtes fonctionner vos cerveaux nom de Dieu, Il y a quelque chose d’énorme qui se passe et qui nous implique tous …
  • 12 Oct 2007
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C'est la videó d'un pédophile autoproclamé michel polac qui se la joue sur les plateau télé en donnat des lecon style bernard cantant the video of a self called paedophil who is working on TV
  • 23 Aug 2007
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In your life if you can only say NO once, say NO to this. Microchip will make you a zombie as well as all the people you love. Think, understand, react.
  • 30 May 2007
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I have caught this video who describes some reality untold about our situation in Europe. J'ai trouvé cette vidéo qui décrit notre réalité en Europe.
  • 23 May 2007
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