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*******www.jeteye****/jetpak/7d63a33c-dd11-4372-9f42-dc26ce68a920/ The Genie Bra is an amazing development within the undergarment sector as this bra offers all the coveted features of an expensive custom bra without the huge price tag. If one has been trying to find a comfortable bra that will optimize "perkiness" then the Genie Bra is a definite contender. In addition to its enhanced comfort, support and affordability the Genie Bra also doubles as a camisole. These features ensure that any figure or body shape will be able to flatter any attire they choose to wear. Apart from that, the Genie Bra reviews are pretty well all astounding and joined with the 60 day money back guarantee the consumer remains free from all risk.
  • 5 Jul 2011
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