Please help me out with your ratings...Thank you!

Please help me out with your ratings...Thank you!

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    Energize Your Spirit / Refreshing Forest Creek 22:18

    Energize Your Spirit / Refreshing Forest Creek

    by geogarcia (10/2/08) 8,281 views

    First of all, thank you for your generous high star rating. This video is the long version with the original audio added back in and overdubbed this time with a mystical hypnotic soothing music track. It comes in real handy for chilling out. I use it a lot, myself. I need it. That's why I created this one. Watch it and see if you agree with me. Please drop me a line to let me know what you think about it. When you are watching it... ...JUST IMAGINE, its almost like being right there next to the trickling water. You can almost smell the scent of the forest pine trees. Every now and then the gentle summer breeze ruslle the tree branches all around you. Imagine that you are resting comfortably on a log in the middle of the stream. Wild birds are singing and crickets are chirping. So, come on out and we'll take a little hike right up to it. Anyway, look for us, about half way into it. We briefly appear in the background.

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    Ophir Creek Waterfall 04:35

    Ophir Creek Waterfall

    by geogarcia (9/24/08) 641 views

    Take an easy hike to a natural waterfall in the San Isabel National Forest in Colorado-USA - see more natural and landscape photography at