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    Could Your Next Facebook Posting Land You In Jail? 02:06

    Could Your Next Facebook Posting Land You In Jail?

    by getthedaily (12/5/08) 150 views

    Up first, Barbie has won. the 4-year battle between the classic doll and the rival Bratz doll is over. A federal judge ordered MGA Entertainment to stop production of the Bratz dolls, after ordering a total of 10-million-dollars in payment to Mattel for copyright infringement and breach of contract. The jury found that the Bratz designer created the Bratz idea while he worked at Mattel, and the long-time company claims that Barbie sales decreased when the edgier Bratz hit the market in 2001. And a San Diego teacher chose to sell advertisements for local businesses on his calculus exams. Tom Farber said that it's his solution to classroom budget cuts. He also said that he does not want this practice to be the norm and that the government should step up to help educators provide for their students. Farber used the 300-plus-dollar ad sales to pay for the costs of printing exams. A Colorado man got charged with 2-counts of criminal libel due to his online Craiglist posting. The 40-year-old allegedly posted unflattering comments about his former lover on the website's 'Rants and Raves' section in November 2007. Specifically, the man reportedly suggested that the woman traded sexual favors for legal services from her attorney. The law being used to charge the man is in question as to if it is outdated - it's a state law from the 1800s that allows people to be jailed for the content of their speech or writing. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Paris Wants to Be the Next Disney Star 01:54

    Paris Wants to Be the Next Disney Star

    by getthedaily (12/5/08) 839 views

    There's a little birdie in town saying that Paris Hilton wants to be the next Disney star. The infamous Page Six reported that the socialite wants to play the role of Tinkerbell in a live-action version of the fairytale. In this particular remake, the sparkly, green-dusted fairy gets chance at life as a real girl. Hollywood's seemingly perfect couple opened up that it simply ain't so. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith went on the records saying they're not perfect and they have bad days just like any other couple. Wifey Jada goes on to say that certain things drive each other crazy. The movie biz duo is still going 11-years strong. And wrapping up, the Grammy noms got announced Wednesday night. With the most tallies, Lil Wayne had 8, followed by Coldplay with 7. Tied at 6 nominations, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West definitely did well. Some other winners-as-of-now, Adele scored 4 Grammy-nominations, Leona Lewis and Rhianna both received 3 among other mentions for Madonna, Robyn, M.I.A., Pink and Lady Gaga among other artists. Many industry-insiders are surprised that Katy Perry didn't get a Best New Artist nom, and that the Jonas Brothers got nominated for the newbie-title, especially since they really broke out in 2007 and already have 3 released albums. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Business News - Cyber Monday and FaceBook's World Domination 02:40

    Business News - Cyber Monday and FaceBook's World Domination

    by getthedaily (12/5/08) 148 views

    Cyber Monday, the digital equivalent of Black Friday, took place this week as many online retailers offered huge discounts on popular consumer goods. The media has reported gloomy projections for retail sales for the season, even though Black Friday turned out to be a huge success this year, leading many analysts to wonder if the large amount of articles written about poor retail sales could turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. NBC seems to be having a bit of trouble selling their remaining Super Bowl ad slots. The network announced in September that they had already sold 85 percent of the very expensive 30 second spots, but as of now, the Peacock has not been able to sell the remaining 8 slots. Companies hit hard by the economic crisis who have not purchased Super Bowl Ads include GM, FedEx, Chrysler, and Ford. Turning to video games, Sumner Redstone sold off 87 percent of Midway Games to Mark Thomas. Redstone made the sale to help alleviate National Amusement's 1.6 billion dollar debt. Facebook just keeps getting bigger. The extremely popular social networking site is looking to expand the reach of their Facebook Connect Service, which lets users log into multiple sites through their Facebook profile. New companies that will be weaved into the service include The Discovery Channel, The San Francisco Chronicle, DiGG, and Hulu. Launched in May, Facebook Connect can keep track of the activities of users on the connected third party sites and can update that information on the user's Facebook News Feed. A huge deal may be in the works as the Times of London is reporting that Microsoft might buy Yahoo's extremely valuable Search Business for 20 billion dollars. Though the Times article included very detailed information on the deal, many of the parties named in the report denied the rumor, including the founder of Velocity Investment Group, who said that there is "no truth to it." That's the latest tech biz news. Keep tuning in to Get The Daily.Com for the 411 on the tech biz, world news, politics, entertainment, and everything else you need to stay informed. I'm Dana Ward. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    National News - Diamond Rings in the Salvation Army Kettle 01:54

    National News - Diamond Rings in the Salvation Army Kettle

    by getthedaily (12/5/08) 74 views

    President-elect Barack Obama met with US-governors on Tuesday and asked that each state representative help draft a new economic plan instead of simply implementing one. This comes one day after California governor Arnold Schwarzenneger declared fiscal emergency. Schwarzenegger called for immediate legislative action to help the 11.2-billion-dollar state deficit. The FBI arrested the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama Monday on several federal charges. Some include conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering and falsely filed income tax reports. Along with 2-others, Larry Langford is linked in a related indictment to criminal activity while he was a county commissioner between 2002 and 2006. Federal officials seek 7.6-million-dollars from each of the men. An anonymous person dropped a 2-thousand-dollar donation into a Salvation Army kettle in Pennsylvania just before the Thanksgiving holiday. However, this donation was not money - it was a diamond ring. A local jeweler appraised the ring as a half-carat flawless diamond valued at 2-thousand dollars. And in the spirit of the giving season, just a few days later, a volunteer was given another diamond ring as a donation. Thanks for watching the show. Check back to for all of your news updates. I'm Dana Ward. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Entertainment News - Miley Cyrus Ready for Another Photo Shoot? 01:25

    Entertainment News - Miley Cyrus Ready for Another Photo Shoot?

    by getthedaily (12/5/08) 3,838 views

    Eva Longoria Parker is reportedly a closet smoker. The Desperate Housewives babe got caught by papparazzi lighting up while on a trip to Puerto Rico. The resulting photos get rid of the pregnancy rumors that were circulating the star. Akon's assault trial has been put on hold for 2-more weeks. The singer got in trouble for tossing a 15-year-old fan from the stage at one of his concerts. Akon previously pled guilty to the charges on endangerment of a minor. Now Miley Cyrus is practically eating her words from earlier this year when her pseudo-nude photo graced the cover of Vanity Fair. The Disney star recently got quoted as saying that she'd love to work with photographer Annie Liebovitz again and that foreign countries liked the controversial photo much more than the states because America is conservative. That's it for now. I'm Dana Ward and we'll see you right here at for more entertainment news. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    National News - Twinkies Slim Down! 01:42

    National News - Twinkies Slim Down!

    by getthedaily (11/10/08) 109 views

    Flight attendants used duct tape to restrain a woman on a weekend flight who was reportedly acting unruly, fighting flight attendants and grabbing other passengers. According to the crew, the ankle cuffs used to keep the woman in her seat kept slipping off. One other passenger said she saw the New York woman drinking at a bar before boarding and she was stopped alcohol service on the flight due to her behavior. The woman is being charged with resisting arrest and interfering with operations on Thursday. A Vermont man fired his gun inside his home 18-times after hearing the results of the Presidential race. The bullets found their way into neighboring homes, and the 34-year-old to police that he was celebrating the Obama victory. No one was injured in the shooting. And Hostess finally gave-in to the diet-phase that’s swept the nation. The company decided to offer Twinkies in a 100-calorie serving size. Instead of simply slimming the 150-calorie classic down, Hostess chose to develop 3-individual round Twinkies. Some analysts say that this new cr

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    Entertainment News - Sex and the City Sequel Ooh-la-la! 01:37

    Entertainment News - Sex and the City Sequel Ooh-la-la!

    by getthedaily (11/10/08) 8,328 views

    First off, Sex and the City is back. Yes, there will be a sequel following the fave fashionistas, according to one of the film’s stars. Kim Cattrall revealed the news on Tuesday on The Paul O’Grady Show. Cattrall also said that she’s totally different from the sex-driven character of Samantha and that’s actually she’s a serial monogamist in real life. Boy do Playboy Playmates move fast. Just barely weeks after the announcement that Hugh Hefner and 3 girlfriends broke it off, it seems that one of the exes is engaged. Gossip sites revealed that Kendra Wilkinson got proposed to by Philadelpia Eagles Hank Baskett over the weekend. He popped the question on top of the Seattle Space Needle, and FYI she’s still reportedly living in the Playboy Mansion. Inside sources are saying that Angelina Jolie is listening to her kids on exercise matters – especially the eldest, trainer Maddox. Apparently, the kids convinced Jolie that video games are more than just fun and the do-good actress tries to get in an hour of virtual Pilates on Nintendo DS three times a week. Thanks for watching I’m Dana Ward. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Entertainment News - Which Grey's Anatomy Regular Gets the Axe 01:54

    Entertainment News - Which Grey's Anatomy Regular Gets the Axe

    by getthedaily (11/10/08) 194 views

    Carrie Underwood offered a public apology to Jessica Simpson after she announced her ex and Jess' current bf, Tony Romo, still calls her months after their split. In the December issue of Elle magazine, the American Idol singer said she regrets making the statement last August. Underwood also stated that she understands if Simpson got upset and that she never wanted to cause any drama. Is it possible for the ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy to get even more dramatic? Of course. There’s gossip going around town that Brooke Smith – who plays Dr. Hahn – got the axe from the show. However, it’s also being said that it’s because the lesbian relationship with her love interest Dr. Torres, who’s played by Sara Ramirez, and who’s already a solid fixture on the drama, lacks the long-term chemistry and magic that is needed. And the couple who put it all on the line to become engaged on this past season of The Bachelorette have called it quits. The chosen one, Jesse, revealed recently that DeAnna broke it off with him by saying ‘I love you, but I’m not in love with you.’ In the video posted on the previously engaged duo’s website, Jesse said that DeAnna’s a great person but she just doesn’t want to try anymore. Best of luck to those two… and the next season of The Bachelorette. Thanks for watching, I’m Dana Ward. We’ll see you soon for more entertainment news updates. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Election News - Obama is President Elect! 02:14

    Election News - Obama is President Elect!

    by getthedaily (11/10/08) 254 views

    Illinois senator Barack Obama took the presidential election over Arizona senator John McCain on Tuesday. In what many are calling a historic moment in America’s books, Obama will be the first African-American to be voted into the presidency. According to the latest numbers, Obama was ahead of the 270-point cutoff at 349 electoral votes as compared to McCain’s 163 votes. This year’s race for Senate is still in the works. It appears that the Democrats have locked up the majority with 56-seats versus the Republicans’ 40-Senate seats. The 4-remaining seats are important ones, because if the Democrats gain the openings, the party would be able to stop filibusters. According to recent reports, a re-count for the Senate race in Minnesota will be likely, because the winning-margin for Republican incumbent Norm Coleman over Democrat Al Franken is at 700-votes and it’s state-policy to re-count if the margin of victory is less than 1-half-percent. It also seems that the state of Georgia will head for a runoff, after neither Senate candidate secured a majority vote. And another questionable party-affiliation to further complicate the Senate head count is with Connecticut Senator, Joe Lieberman. As an Independent who has caucused with Democrats and supported the Republican presidential nominee, there’s no official word on which party he’s siding with in the Senate. However, both Barack Obama and John McCain said in their 2-separate speeches post-poll-closing that it’s important for all Americans – regardless of party-affiliation and who they voted for – to come together for creating solutions to our collective problems. That’s the latest national news, I’m Dana Ward. Always check back to for all of your news updates. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Entertainment News - Holly Madison and Criss Angel? 01:43

    Entertainment News - Holly Madison and Criss Angel?

    by getthedaily (11/10/08) 7,226 views

    Jessica Simpson helped rush her hairstylist BFF to the hospital after a late night run in with some paparazzi. It seems that Ken Paves helped escort Jess out of the Madeo restaurant and in the midst of the flashes, a camera hit the celeb salon pro near the eye... even drawing blood. The two reportedly made their way to the waiting car and rushed over to the local hospital. Holly Madison may have moved on from her days as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend... already onto Criss Angel. According to reports, the Playboy girl accompanied the illusionist to his show opening in Vegas over the weekend. There's no official confirmation that the two are hooked up to each other, however, photogs have been catching them getting pretty cozy in recent weeks. And the 22-year-old billionaire that grew up in the limelight from the time she was only 9-months old said she would never want her future children to pursue a career in Tinseltown. Ashley Olsen told media that the business has turned ugly - especially with the addition of paparazzi in recent years - and she would encourage a real job that's more important than yourself. And that's the latest from the entertainment industry. I'm Dana Ward. We'll see you tomorrow right here at for more news updates. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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