This could be funny and annoying as well - depends on what type of viewers you are.. If you find it funny, do rate it 5 stars but if you find it annoying, at least rate it a 3 stars alright? Thanks :)
  • 14 Mar 2009
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A lady told her husband that she wanted a divorce but the young couple ends up having their marriage saved by David Lynch :)
  • 9 Jun 2009
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This guy was alleged to have been talking in backwards form and in robotic voice too.. Nevertheless, these two problems could be solved by David Lynch simultaneously :)
  • 23 Mar 2008
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In this scenario, David Lynch helped a store keeper to retrieve his $40 which were found missing.. Let's see how he managed to solve it :)
  • 23 Mar 2008
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Let's see how David Lynch solves a problem between two guys who are having conflict when one of them came late by an hour :)
  • 23 May 2008
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A short clip for making Easter Egg.. Try to do it after watching this video.. Have a fun time trying :)
  • 27 Sep 2008
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This is what exactly takes place in real life.. We will firstly get a partner, do a science experiment with our wife and later having babies which will follow us till they are fully grown up to have their own family. The process goes on and on..
  • 3 Nov 2008
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Some random funny and hilarious bedtime stories which had been modified and made and to be used for Entertainment purposes only.. Enjoy :)
  • 23 Mar 2008
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This took ages to be made and edited.. Hope you all understand the amount of effort and time required to create this video which is to be meant for Entertainment.. Enjoy :)
  • 23 Mar 2008
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This was played by a Korean friend of mine who has obtained a Grade 8 in her music course.. The music was played upon request by many people due to her very talented piano skills.. Hope you enjoy and do give a rating.. Thanks
  • 18 Mar 2009
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A piano instructors who I have known for a few years now. In this video, he plays the music which is known as Love Story. Hope all of you enjoy watching this video and do rate generously alright? Thanks :)
  • 23 Mar 2008
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