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    Footloose Improv 02:51

    Footloose Improv

    by harmonyBalance (1/2/14) 3 views

    Footloose Refuge is an original blues tune by Dave Red Boy Schildt. Here he performs it with members of the Los Angeles Blues Society as a jam!

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    Chocolate Thunder 04:10

    Chocolate Thunder

    by harmonyBalance (9/22/13) 11 views

    Dave Red Boy Schildt tells the story of Chocolate Thunder, a Blackfeet reservation bull who has bucked in competition at the highest levels of professional PBR bull riding.

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    Happy When I'm Dancin' 02:56

    Happy When I'm Dancin'

    by harmonyBalance (7/14/12) 12 views

    Written by Dave Redboy Schildt, he is joined in this performance by John Cartwright, David Stone and Tony Carafone. Dave was inspired to write about Native American dancing & the freedom it allows Native Culture to flourish after talking to a traditional dancer at the annual Malibu, CA powwow. It is also his response to the division taking place across the country over descendency issues and tribal enrollment. He says, "Hey wake up! We are all one people."

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    Eruption 02:37


    by harmonyBalance (6/17/12) 163 views

    Written and performed by Dave Red Boy Schildt. For more information, please see stories behind the songs on Dave's site at http://www.daveredboyschildt.wordpress.com

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    This Train 04:13

    This Train

    by harmonyBalance (6/10/12) 2 views

    Written and performed by Dave Redboy Schildt (Blackfeet). This is his interpretation of tribal self destruction as tribes begin to disband tribal members who are identified as not being enough Indian by blood quota or descendancy. Some tribal members feel disbanding is over money or casino royalties.

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    Billy 8 04:15

    Billy 8

    by harmonyBalance (1/11/12) 6 views

    This is an arrangement by Dave Red Boy Schildt of a combination of the various "Billy" songs written by Bob Dylan for the soundtrack of the 1973 Sam Peckinpah film PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID. The players here are Dave Red Boy Schildt, David Stone, Michael McEwan, and John Cartwright.

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    K Town Blues 04:19

    K Town Blues

    by harmonyBalance (12/17/11) 2 views

    Written by Dave Redboy Schildt, this song is a western ballad performed with a group of musician friends from Kulaks Woodshed in North Hollywood-Los Angeles, CA. Fellow musicians are Paul McCarty, Micheal McEwan, John Cartwright and David Stone.

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    35 More Miles 04:33

    35 More Miles

    by harmonyBalance (11/18/11) 10 views

    This song was written by Floyd Red Crow Westerman and was on his 1969 release "Custer Died for Your Sins." Here it is performed by Dave Red Boy Schildt with Paul McCarty on harmonicas.

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