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PYXISM is a US based company owned 100% by a wonderful gentleman named Lloyd Wilson, who has gone to great lengths to make sure his company, PYXISM, is compliant with ALL FTC and US Attorney General's rules and regulations for network marketing/travel companies based in the United States and abroad. PYXISM has introduced a unique and revolutionary- True Follw Me Matrix- Compensation Plan where Your Team Never Splits. Lloyd's vision is to continue to build his business with integrity, honesty, determination and heart and his True Follow Me Matrix compensation plan will allow team members to stay together and build strong and lasting teams. Heather & Mike have decided to partner with PYXISM's True North Team. PTNT shares the same values, work ethic, integrity, determination, honesty and HEART that Lloyd built this company on. PTNT is filled with experienced marketers and home based business owners who are eager to assist those who are ready to change their lives and create a new lifestyle. We offer free training and ongoing support for those who decide to become our business partners and will share with you many different ways for you to market your business. PYXISM offers a one time low cost out of pocket expense. For more information, contact us via email at PyxismProducersgmail**** or visit www.NavigateYourTrueCourse****.
  • 3 Jan 2010
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