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    The Final Tragedy... 02:32

    The Final Tragedy...

    by hiddenprophecy (1/21/10) 266 views

    a video i made of ffx2 about the failure of relationship...i'll post the lyrics too because when i recorded the song i freestyled the whole thing. so what you're hearing is off of one take. please be gentle lol! lyrics* he was 17 and his daughter was 3, he had a baby calling him daddy, but he was still a baby his self, he didn't know how to handle himself, then the woman came in, she absolutely was his best friend, but he didn't know what to do, because he cheated on her just the day before and he wanted to, tell her what he didn't wanna do, but that he had no control over what he was feeling, so she asked him baby what's wrong, why is your face so long, sorrow is looking what you're lookin' like you're in, tell me baby I am your best friend, (he said) i cheated on you the other day, and baby i am so sorry, she came she said she wanted to play, i said i didn't cuzz i already had a lady, so girl leave me alone, and then i lost the fight to my hormones, oh then she started to cry, he just watched that tear flow out of her eye, she didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to do, so she just walked out the door, and said baby i love you, he just sat right there on the bed, bawling his eyes right out of his head, because he had made a mistake, ...now it was too late, if you like the video please make requests! *legal stuff- I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THESE CLIPS, THIS VIDEO IS STRICTLY FANMADE. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO SQUARE ENIX

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    My Guitar Journey 03:05

    My Guitar Journey

    by hiddenprophecy (7/23/09) 337 views

    This is me practicing over the past year and a half in different segments. I'm self taught and i still need a lot of work. i played the progression that i am most comfortable with, so that's y you hear it over and over again. I want to get out of the "box", but it gets so comfortable there. i step further up the neck and the difficulty of play increases 10 fold. constructive criticism and ideas would help much!