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    Pen Spin Trick Tutorial 03:47

    Pen Spin Trick Tutorial

    by hohman102 (6/11/08) 6,896 views

    This is a tutorial of a pen spinning trick that a friend of mine taught me. If you see other pen spinning tricks, most of them use one hand, but this uses two. I hope you like it. :]

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    Fortune Teller Xtreme 01:54

    Fortune Teller Xtreme

    by hohman102 (3/21/08) 839 views

    Way better than the original fortune teller. It works the same way, but it looks a lot cooler. You won't be able to find it anywhere else because I created it myself. Have fun with it!

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    Origami Picture-frame 03:33

    Origami Picture-frame

    by hohman102 (3/11/08) 2,314 views

    100% origami. Easy to make and flexible enough to have space to insert a photo. There's no need to spend $ on a frame when you can make one yourself with only 1 sheet of paper.