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    The Law of Newton 02:19

    The Law of Newton

    by MiwMiw (5/1/09) 283 views

    At the University of Shizago, Joon is not only sad about failing an exam, but realising he is right at the bottom of the entire ranking. His wild imagination of attaining fame and success led him to copy literally how Sir Issac Newton drew inspiration from a small apple-dropping incident. Little did Joon realise that the tree he sat under is a durian tree. Copying blindly is certainly not the best way to success!

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    The Way of Saving Money is 02:19

    The Way of Saving Money is

    by MiwMiw (5/1/09) 4,503 views

    For every vehicle that enters Downtown Shizago, a fee of $10 will be collected by the gantry IRP (Intelligent Road Pricing). See how the three friends trying their best to beat the system. Guddi (Dog), Joon (Buffola) and MiwMiw(donkey) each use their own methods. While both Guddi and Joon tried to evade the collection unsuccessfully, witty MiwMiw succeeded in doing so by using a wheelchair as disguise, for her “vehicle” does not fit exactly into any standard collectible category. Although hurt for being $10 poorer, Guddi and Joon still join MiwMiw for a workout thereafter. Afterall, what's more important than having a good health?

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    Make a Strong Paper Box! 04:12

    Make a Strong Paper Box!

    by hsuds (2/2/09) 10,680 views

    This design is modified from an existing one , the unsightly flaps are made to fold back inside the box, so it is more elegant. You can't find this method in any books, 'cos i improved it. Make another one for the box lid!

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    A Singapore Chinese New Year 2009 03:39

    A Singapore Chinese New Year 2009

    by hsuds (2/2/09) 554 views

    A typical Singapore family gathers for Reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year. The feast called "Lo Hei" brings luck for the new year. This is a custom started by Singaporeans many, many years ago and today it seemst to gain popularity as a new standard tradition observed in other parts of the world as well, wherever there are chinese. Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Literally, "Wishing that you become really Rich during the New Year")

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