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    1st Breakfast With Fran Rochester a Success 01:15

    1st Breakfast With Fran Rochester a Success

    by hudsonliberty (7/20/10) 7 views The 1st Breakfast with Fran Tarkenton was a huge success. There was great food, beverages, and networking going on. I got invited out to a country club luncheon one of the same places Tiger Woods plays at. Our next event is August 19.

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    Rochester Breakfast With Fran Sunday Before 02:14

    Rochester Breakfast With Fran Sunday Before

    by hudsonliberty (7/18/10) 2 views Getting ready to go give thanks to Jesus. Having a great time in Rochester with Ms. Joan Gilchrist the organizer of the breakfast with fran event. This is going to be the first in a series of networking events. Look forward to see you all here.

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    How to Develop A Long Distance Relationship In Dallas 01:02

    How to Develop A Long Distance Relationship In Dallas

    by hudsonliberty (7/7/10) 5 views I'm going to be in the Dallas Area in September. The 9-11 to be more specific. I'm looking to make connection with people in the Dallas area prior to my leaving to possibly extend my stay by a few days and get people stated over there before I arrive. Call 973-943-4073 with your suggestions.

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    The Bus to Team Marathon 1st Summer Leadership 2010 01:59

    The Bus to Team Marathon 1st Summer Leadership 2010

    by hudsonliberty (7/1/10) 21 views Yes we are on our way to building our fortune. If you aren't on the bus, I guess you are already on your way to the Team Marathon 1st Team Leadership Summit 2010. There can only be 1 number 1 and 1 first. Look forward to seeing you over the top.

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    A Simple Solution for Profiling You Can Do Too 08:15

    A Simple Solution for Profiling You Can Do Too

    by hudsonliberty (5/24/10) 173 views 973-943-4073 How you can get the most out of your PrePaid Legal Membership. How I do my part to help prevent profiling from making my legal issues worst. You may find this helpful. Too many of our young people are finding themselves they could have been better off in if they had access to an attorney.

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    Breaking News - Magic Power Coffee - Commissions Increase 04:44

    Breaking News - Magic Power Coffee - Commissions Increase

    by hudsonliberty (4/20/10) 20 views Mon, April 19, 2010 4:12:01 PM ** Important Upgrades ** ... From: Magic Power Coffee - HUGE UPGRADES - DOUBLE - Matrix Commissions DOUBLE - Matching Bonuses MORE - Samples MORE - Business Volume Effective May 1st - The Power Associate Position becomes MORE POWERFUL! More Commissions - More Volume - More Samples - More Growth! NEW Power Associate Details: - 36 Serving Promotional Case (was 30 samples) - 120 Business Volume (BV) (was 90 Business Volume) - $30 in Matrix Commissions! (Now earn DOUBLE the old matrix commissions - which DOUBLES the Matching Bonus!) - The new monthly commission payout is now: $45 Product Order Bonus + $30 Matrix Commissions! This new and improved Power Associate position will pay a higher percentage of commissions to the field and provide more leverage as you build your team. There will be a corresponding price increase for the Power Associate position. Please see the section below. New Pricing Effective May 1st: Basic Associate: $25 / month Standard Associate: $70 / month ($85 for 1st month - new associates only) -Same price- Power Associate: $194.95 / month ($209.95 for 1st month - new associates only) Was $160.00 Includes $45 Product Order Bonus + $30 Matrix Commissions Promotional Pack: $124.95 for 36 servings (Was $90 for 30 servings) Commissions: $30 Product Order Bonus + $15 Matrix Commissions (Was $30 Product Bonus + NO Matrix + NO Match) Administration Fee: $15 for New Associates only (included in 1st month fee) WAIVED for all existing Basic, Standard and Power Associates You don't need to do anything. The changes will automatically take effect on May 1st. If you are a Power Associate and/or have a Promotional Pack on AutoShip, your monthly re-order will be automatically increased to reflect the new quantities, pricing and commission payout.

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    (Magic Power Coffee) and (Prepaid Legal) One of Top 5 Busines... 03:46

    (Magic Power Coffee) and (Prepaid Legal) One of Top 5 Busines...

    by hudsonliberty (4/15/10) 20 views Magic Power Coffee is one of the top five Business Opportunities you can work from home. Another is Prepaid Legal 5 Top Work From Home Business Opportunities By []Roger John Smith Work from home offers a number of benefits. Work from home business opportunities offer you the suppleness to manage your time and fix a limit of earning. You just need internet connection and a telephone line. What are the benefits? There are a number of reasons why people think to start their own home based businesses. • Freedom of time- The first thing is freedom of time. Home business offers a greater flexibility. You can work when you want. • Better income- Work from home business offers better income opportunities. If you can run your business effectively and successfully, you will be able to earn huge revenue. • Personal accomplishment- You can make the most of your talents and skills in your home based business. It is not always possible in an office-based job. Tips for home based business Follow the tips provided below to get success in your home business and make profit- Make use of internet: The internet is the essential tool for most work at home businesses. You can expand your network through effective use of internet. You can join the popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can also join various types of forums to interact with different people and share your opinion and ideas. Create helpful resources: Try to make useful resources. You can create e-books and articles to promote yourself as an expert. If you can provide useful tips, other people will definitely follow you. Have fun: If you feel stressed out, have fun. The key to a successful home business is having fun. Work at home opportunities • Freelance writing: Freelance writing is an ideal work from home option. You will find a number of freelance writing firms who give writers various types of assignments and projects. The greatest advantage is that you can make the most of your creativity from the comfort of your home and develop your portfolio. • Website and graphic designing: One of the most in style work at home opportunities is website and graphic designing. Before starting this venture, make sure that you have an attractive portfolio to show your clients. It will help you to promote yourself and potential clients will show eagerness to pay you. • Telemarketing: If you are not proficient in writing, you can try out telemarketing or call center opportunities. These jobs are rapidly increasing and if you have good speaking skills, you can easily be successful in this field. There are several reliable companies that outsource individuals to work as customer care representatives and you can do this right from your home. • Data entry: Data entry jobs are one of the most common home based business alternatives. You have to work on a company's database. You will be paid on an hourly basis in most cases. This job can be an ideal option for stay at home moms as well. • Home transcription: Home transcription can be a good alternative for home business. A transcriptionist has to keep written records of audio recordings. You need a professional training for this field. Roger Smith is a successful []work from home individual. If you are going to start your own []work from home business, follow his advice. It will be extremely helpful for you. Article Source: [] 5 Top Work From Home Business Opportunities

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