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    DIY Portable CAR Speakers 07:03

    DIY Portable CAR Speakers

    by idontknow307 (1/3/09) 3,013 views

    I show you how I made my own portable car speakers. The system basically consists of a 900 watt amp, a 10" sub woofer, two 6"x9" speakers, and a 12v 35 amp lead acid battery

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    DIY Portable Speakers 05:23

    DIY Portable Speakers

    by idontknow307 (8/6/08) 5,130 views

    The portable speaker system consists of: 1. Two (12 volt) computer speakers 2. One 'Amplifier' that came in the original speaker case 3. One rechargeable, 12 volt, lead acid battery (7 amps) 4. One power switch 5. Two shoelaces that act as handles so I can carry it around with me 6. A massive amount of bright red duct tape 5. And last but not least, one very stylish USPS cardboard box What you'll want to do once you have all the materials is to take apart the computer speakers so you're left with 2 speakers and an "amplifier". Then arrange your battery, speakers, and "amplifier" in the box using a massive amount of super glue and duct tape. Cut and strip the power wire that came with the computer speakers. Hook up the DC connector from the computer speakers to the battery. Solder 2 more wires to the battery and have them going outside the box so you can charge the battery later with out opening the box back up. Also, cut a few holes for the volume/power button/audio line. Once that is all done, charge your battery and you're ready to go!

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    Limewire Accelerator 01:48

    Limewire Accelerator

    by idontknow307 (11/1/07) 8,028 views

    This video shows you where to get a program that will speed up limewire, kazaa, and any other file sharing program. It will even speed up your internet browser.

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    3.2 Million Firecrackers!! 04:12

    3.2 Million Firecrackers!!

    by idontknow307 (10/16/07) 5,088 views

    These guys light off 3.2 million firecrackers. The strip of them was so long, it had to be held up by a crane! If you liked this video, please check out my other ones on

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