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Wow I've been having SUCH an awesome time shooting for SVU. The show airs on November 11th, 9p on NBC -- cool yo! ************** TWEET AND FOLLOW THESE GUYS!!! ...tell them that you are excited to see me on the show! :) *******twitter****/NealBaer *******twitter****/jscasting ************** FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine MORE VIDEOS ON MY OTHER CHANNEL! *******youtube****/otherijustine FOLLOW ICE-T AND RICHARD: *******twitter****/FinalLevel *******twitter****/mrbelzer
  • 6 Oct 2009
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CLICK ^^(more info) ^^ FOR LYRICS!!!!!! ABOUT THIS SONG: Are you or someone you know obsessed with updating their profile pictures on Facebook or other various social networks? When getting ready to go out, do they take hours getting ready in hopes of taking a good profile picture tonight? ...then this song is for you :) BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO HERE! ******* ----------------------------------- DOWNLOAD THE SPOOF SONG HERE: ******* DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL: Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling ******* ----------------------------------- MY SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR EXTRA AND BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS!! *******youtube****/otherijustine FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/ijustine FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine READ MY BLOG: *******ijustine**** MYSPACE: *******myspace****/ijustine ----------------------------------- LYRICS: I gotta feeling That tonight's gonna be a profile pic Oooooo oooo Tonight's gonna be a profile pic Tonights the night We'll pic it up I got my camera Let's snap it up! Turn on the flash and OMG! Whip out that iPhone Let's get get... mobile I know that we'll get along If you make sure the photos you take You tag them all I feel stressed out I need a new pic Gotta get home and update my new profile Filled up my card What the!!! Look at my dancing I can't take a.. pic Let's go to town Gotta get a new card It's on sale ..and now we'll shoot it again I gotta feeling Oooooo oooo That tonight's gonna be a profile pic Tonight's gonna be a profile pic
  • 13 Aug 2009
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First time I saw this music video.. I was speechless! guys requested this one :) DOWNLOAD THE SPOOF SONG: ******* BUY SHAKIRA'S REAL VERSION MP3: ******* READ MY BLOG ENTRY FOR SOME TIPS ON HOW I MADE THIS VIDEO: ******* -------------------------------- MY EXTRA VIDEOS ON MY 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! *******youtube****/otherijustine FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine READ MY BLOG: *******ijustine**** FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/ijustine MYSPACE: *******myspace****/ijustine Thanks for watching, commenting and subscribing :) xo -------------------------------- LYRICS: Cut a hole in my leotard Dance and dance and move like this You don't even know the words Watch me move, watch me move, watch me move I like to dance, doesn't matter where it is I'll booty shake it in the street Move like this now, a little bit awkward Mistaken for a little tiny baby seizure I've been moving this booty from Monday to Tuesday to Friday and Saturday Not getting enough hydration ..and I think think I might pass out I'm starting to feel like I might need a nap ..because I've been dancing so much I'm gonna go somewhere cozy and take a little nap ..and tell you about it What the hell is a she wolf? I don't even know the words What the hell is a she wolf? I'm feeling little bit out of breath
  • 26 Sep 2009
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Watch the final video here: ******* James Lanman's album on iTunes: *******
  • 8 May 2009
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WIN THE PROPS!!!!!!!! (aka I don't want them) from this video!!! Get on twitter**** and type this text in the what are you doing box: ijustine RT I want the #ijustineswineflu props from this video: ******* You can also follow me on twitter: *******twitter****/ijustine Friend me on Facebook: *******facebook****/ijustine Read my blog: *******ijustine**** ..and add me on myspace! *******myspace**** I love you!
  • 7 May 2009
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Ask iJ Episode #2: My pants, panda bears, WIN A Wii and are you married? Follow me: *******www.twitter****/ijustine ASK A QUESTION!! Leave comments and video responses! To ask questions on twitter, write this in the "what are you doing box": ijustine question here #askij CONTEST DETAILS!!! Visit ******* and submit your product review! Winner will be announced March 17th, 2009 and featured on an upcoming episode of Ask iJ Theme song by: *******thegeoffsmith**** CONNECT WITH ME HERE! Blog: *******ijustine**** Subscribe: *******youtube****/otherijustine Subscribe: *******youtube****/ijustine MySpace: *******myspace****/ijustine Facebook: ******* Community: *******ijustinetown****
  • 2 Apr 2009
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  • 26 Feb 2009
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Since this is the first episode, it's a little long I think. Leave me some feedback on my blog *******ijustine**** or in the comments. FOLLOW ME: *******twitter****/ijustine ADD ME HERE TOO: *******youtube****/otherijustine *******myspace****/ijustine ******* ------- ***SHOW LINKS** ------- ALL ABOUT GEOFF SMITH: *******thegeoffsmith**** *******twitter****/geoffsmith *******ringtonefeeder**** VIDEO QUESTIONS: Derek: *******djsteen**** Rachel: *******heyitsrachel**** Julia Nunes: *******youtube****/jaaaaaaa
  • 5 Apr 2009
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I was in San Francisco this week and wanted to visit twitter office and bring them cupcakes :) They are my favorite! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! *******twitter****/ijustine Read my blog: *******ijustine**** Follow Ev (the CEO) at *******twitter****/ev More: *******myspace****/ijustine *******ijustinetown****
  • 19 Feb 2009
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Bet you guys had no idea! ha ha :) FOLLOW ME! *******twitter****/ijustine BLOG: *******ijustine**** MORE: *******myspace****/ijustine *******ijustinetown**** *******youtube****/otherijustine
  • 12 Feb 2009
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To get a treat: COPY & PASTE THIS ON TWITTER: ijustine RT I want a valentines day treat! Watch video ******* (no more than twice a day, please!) Follow me on twitter: *******twitter****/ijustine Join mailing list: *******ijustine**** Subscribe! *******youtube****/ijustine
  • 11 Mar 2009
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YOU GUYS ROCK! Look for a new vid tomorrow :) Follow me on twitter: *******twitter****/ijustine
  • 5 Feb 2009
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MORE INFO ABOUT THE EVENT, COLLAB VIDEO AND TO DONATE: ******* MORE INFO ABOUT TWESTIVAL: LA Meetup: *******la.twestival**** Find your city: *******twestival**** 100% of the proceeds are going to *******charitywater**** Make a response video this one holding up a dirty glass of water. You can also email it to me: charitywaterijustine**** FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine
  • 4 Feb 2009
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Soo.. was just making a video at the Apple store like usual, and some dude came up and started telling me about his iPhone app ******* .. crazy thing is, I actually had it installed!!! Haha! Check out the dudes app, it's free: Stitcher ******* FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!! *******twitter****/ijustine -------- SUBSCRIBE to my new channel: *******youtube****/otherijustine Read my blog: *******ijustine**** Add on MySpace: *******myspace****/ijustine Hang out: *******ijustinetown****
  • 26 Jan 2009
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This is a true story.. for the most part. Follow me on twitter!!!! *******twitter****/ijustine Blog: *******ijustine**** Add: *******myspace****/ijustine Move in: *******ijustinetown****
  • 24 Jan 2009
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Retweet this text on your twitter**** account: ijustine I want an iPod shuffle! ******* #ijustineshuffle ..and subscribe! I'll be picking one subscriber and one twitterer on January 28th. Follow me on twitter to keep updated: *******twitter****/ijustine Read my blog for more info: *******ijustine****
  • 24 Jan 2009
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it happens. Follow my twitter: *******twitter****/ijustine Read my blog: *******ijustine**** Add on MySpace: *******myspace****/ijustine Hang out: *******ijustinetown**** If you aren't subscribed to my main channel, do so :) *******youtube****/ijustine
  • 24 Jan 2009
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