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    Happy Star Wars Day Cupcakes

    Happy Star Wars Day Cupcakes

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 38 views Happy Star Wars Day Cupcakes According to Wikipedia - May 4 is called Star Wars Day because of a pun or play on words based on the similarity between "May the 4th be with you" and "May the force be with you", a phrase often spoken in the Star Wars movies. Well wouldn't you know it there are plenty of cupcakes that represent Star Wars both past and present? Enjoy these cupcake ideas - May the Fourth be with you!!

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    Flower Wedding Cupcake Ideas 02:40

    Flower Wedding Cupcake Ideas

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 122 views

    Flower wedding cupcake ideas These wedding cupcake ideas were created bycupcake bakery Belisa Cupcakes a partnership between Belinda and Elisa two moms from Sydney Australia. Their unique wedding cupcake ideasinclude various flower themed designs. Customers can choose from daisy wedding cupcakes, mini blossom wedding cupcakes, dogwood rose wedding cupcakes and many more. These scrumptious creations are not just wedding cupcakes they are perfect for bridal showers too!

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    First Birthday Cupcakes

    First Birthday Cupcakes

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 43 views

    First Birthday Cupcakes Are you planning for baby's 1st birthday? You have sent the save the date cards, figured out the theme, purchase the invitations and now its time for the cake. Have you thought about serving cupcakes instead? In comparison cupcakes will not send you over your party planning budget. You can celebrate your one year old with these imaginative cupcake ideas. Lion cupcake decorating ideas by Little Miss Cupcakecupcakery Birthday cupcake ideas tree by American Candy Stand Cupcakes cupcakery Car cupcake decorating ideas by cupcake baker Cake Girl Star birthday cupcake ideas by Clever Cupcakes cupcakery

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    Easter Cupcake Ideas Bunnies Eggs and Flowers

    Easter Cupcake Ideas Bunnies Eggs and Flowers

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 84 views

    Easter Cupcake Ideas Bunnies Eggs and Flowers Clever Cupcakes does it again! More Easter cupcake ideas with colorful creations. These yummy vanilla cupcakes were made with coconut butter cream and handmade fondant bunnies, eggs, and flowers for Easter.Believe it our not the decorations were made using plain old cookie cutters. What a gorgeous collection, no wonder they are called Clever Cupcakes!

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    Cupcake Decorating Video on Ebru TV 09:27

    Cupcake Decorating Video on Ebru TV

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 172 views

    The video includes quick and easy decorating ideas: * Explain basics of piping including selecting your tip, setting up your pastry bag, and piping buttercream on cupcakes * Using shredded coconut decorations for your cupcake topped off with a tropical umbrella * Using fondant to make acorn and leaf decorations * Kneading fondant and how to deal with sticky or dry fondant (Shortening vs sugar) * Decorating cupcakes with Savorski crystals * The importance of a cupcake display including tiered stands and cupcake display plates

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    Cupcake Decorating Ideas with a Twist

    Cupcake Decorating Ideas with a Twist

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 254 views

    Cupcake decorating ideas with a twist Cupcake decorating ideas can go from complex to simple. Its amazing how the cupcake wrapper can make the difference. Here's what Indy Grrrl had to say about her cupcake ideas: I have always loved baking and cooking. My mom taught me all the things I know how to make, but I add my own little twist to make it my style. Being creative with all types of mediums has always been the ultimate way to express myself. I am inspired by all things cute and whimsical. I feel like Willy Wonka when I am planning and decorating my edible art. I enjoy the soothing process of blending ingredients and frosting those mounds of golden sweetness. I often transform my cupcakes into wearable jewelry; people tell me I make them hungry when they look at my creations, and I am completely cool with that. I am also inspired to bake when my favorite holidays like Halloween and Valentine's day roll around each year. It gives the baby cakes a clear theme, and the holidays are a great excuse to break out the kitchen aid mixer and frosting tips. Mostly, I am inspired by the joy and fun surrounding cupcakes. They stir nostalgic thoughts of elementary school parties and fruit punch toasts.

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    Cupcake Bouquet 04:01

    Cupcake Bouquet

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 745 views

    Cupcake Bouquet What do you get when you cross one of the hottest culinary trends, cupcakes, with Mother's Day? Cupcake Bouquets! One of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day is flowers. With this cupcake idea, she can have her flowers and eat them too. YUMMY!! These cupcake creations will make you look at all Mums, Hydrangea, Sunflowers and Roses differently. These scrumptious cupcake bouquets are so gorgeous you would actually have to convince Mom to eat them. All were created by Marta of Sugar Crush in Miami Florida who does exactly what she love make and sell cupcakes. And it shows!

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    Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake Decorating Ideas Specifically for Vale

    Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake Decorating Ideas Specifically for Vale

    by ilovecupcakes01 (12/29/10) 542 views

    Cupcake bouquet - cupcake decorating ideas specifically for Valentine's Day These were all made specifically for Valentine's Day. Two Parts Sugar wanted to do some fun cupcakes, some simple cupcakes, and a couple other options other than boxed cupcakes! They created the mini cupcake bouquet which is so beautiful you don't believe those rose like flowers are actually cupcakes. Giving your Valentine a cupcake bouquet is the perfect for a gift it will surely be a hit! Cupcake ideas from the Two Parts Sugar kitchen!

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