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    Ken Leishman The Flying Bandit 03:22

    Ken Leishman The Flying Bandit

    by (8/9/07) 1,223 views

    Ken Leishman: The Flying Bandit tells the remarkable story of the life of Canadian bank robber, prison escape artist and folk hero Ken Leishman. Earning his nickname "The Flying Bandit", by using his plane as a getaway vehicle. Leishman masterminded several stylish yet completely non-violent bank robberies throughout Canada during the 1960's and 1970's including the biggest gold heist in Canadian history.

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    Infiltrating Al Qaeda 04:01

    Infiltrating Al Qaeda

    by (8/9/07) 3,071 views

    One of a kind documentary follows an Algerian reporter Mohammed Sifaoui over a period of four months as he infiltrated an Islamic AL-Qaeda network in France. Passing himself as a religious fundamentalist, who believes in the theories of Osama Bin Laden, he wins the confidence of the network members, who suggest that he do propaganda work, reconnaissance and information gathering for them on potential targets for terrorist attack. His inquiries led him to various mosques in Paris, and London, where he meets with leaders of the network, and then on to Madrid, where he is in contact with petty crooks dealing in false papers and credit cards whose job it is supply Islamic networks with fake documents. Members of the network, filmed by hidden camera, talk of their future plans for terrorist attacks. Another of this networks activities is the indoctrination of the young, teaching them an extremist dogma that advocates "holy war." One of the men we meet was an Al-Qaeda trainer, who trained and sent several young fighters to Afghanistan, many who were later discovered in Bin Laden's hideouts or among the prisoners at the American base of Guantanamo. This unique and powerful program produced in French and Arabic with English narration and English subtitles.

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    Passion Of The Star 02:39

    Passion Of The Star

    by (8/9/07) 1,899 views

    Super Star Celine Dion and others are featured in this look at the driving passion of all artists to reach their performance peak and rise to the top of their stardom. Celine Dion sings several songs and discusses how her intense passion for performing fueled her incredible personal rise from a unknown French Canadian schoolgirl to World singing sensation.

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    On The Trail Of Bin Laden 05:47

    On The Trail Of Bin Laden

    by (8/12/07) 26,111 views

    This film follows the path of Ben Liden from his last sighting as he entered the Tora Bora Mountains. Using hidden cameras our Arab reporter follows his path thru towns and mosaics in Pakistan loyal to him, to the training grounds where several of the 9/11 hijackers where trained. We meet with officers in Laskar e Taiba, an organization responsible for on Americas watch list and considered responsible of acts of terror in India. An extraordinary look at this hidden and dangerous enemy.

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    A Jail In Colombia 05:05

    A Jail In Colombia

    by (8/9/07) 4,921 views

    A look inside the La Modelo prison in Bogota. Colombia. Called a "model" prison by Colombia officials the prison in reality is controlled more by the prisoners than the guards. With 5000 prisoners for 2400 spots, and not more than 150 security guards assigned to the prison. The prison is awash in violence, and drugs. Last year, 162 prisoners were killed there. The prison is controlled by three criminal groups: members of the guerrilla movement, paramilitary forces, and cocaine traffickers. They have broken the prison up into three different territories and each group has it's own security forces, defending it's own territory.

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    Awakening Arthur 02:35

    Awakening Arthur

    by (8/9/07) 461 views

    Traces the origins of the Arthurian Legends from megalithic times to the historical King Arthur and the modern renaissance of Celtic culture.

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    The Wednesday Night Save The World Society 01:16

    The Wednesday Night Save The World Society

    by (8/9/07) 791 views

    Feeling increasingly trapped, frustrated and alone, middle-aged Los Angeles resident Dee Barnes decides to turn her life (and hopefully the lives of others) around by starting a weekly discussion open to anyone who cares to join. She soon finds her house filled with an assortment of characters, including a bulimic goth, a sexist jerk, and a meek young man who only wants to protect the environment. As they open up to each other with their ideas and feelings, they gradually start to learn more about themselves.

  • 9 'Touching Down 01:26 'Touching Down" Movie Trailer

    by (7/30/07) 967 views

    A young woman suffocates under the constant watch and belittling of her angry father. When new people and events enter her life, she begins to learn the truth about her past, and what it finally means to truly be alive. Directors: Chris King Starring: Sarah Lewis, Win De Lugo, Darren Robertson, Robert DeLillo, Shellah Garrett, Zachary Hahn, Bill Hindley, Michael Ian, Jeremy Brandt, Alana Sullivan, Benjamin Keepers, Chris Divecchio, Elizabeth Folsom, Terry Pierce & Chip White Running Time: 115 Minutes

  • 10 - 02:18 - "SkinWalkers" Movie Trailer

    by (7/27/07) 9,022 views

    Starring: Jason Behr, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Natassia Malthe, Sarah Carter, Kim Coates Rogue Johnston Creatures, bound by blood of the wolf, that can kill with curses and move at lightning speed, watching the night sky for the rise of the blood-red crescent moon. They are "SKINWALKERS". They feed on our flesh and thirst for the taste of human blood. The red moon signals each pack, divided by principles, hell bent to survive an ancient prophecy. On his 13th birthday, Timothy (MATTHEW KNIGHT) a half-blood, is about to reach the time of his transformation. He's been guarded since birth by those around him. They know the power he holds. He alone has the power to control the destiny of his family, and their kind, a gift that has placed his very life in danger. On the third night, at the rise of the red moon, a war will rage for control of their kind. There are two warring factions: one would like the curse to end, the other embraces bloodlust, and revels in the immortal freedom of the beast within. They will do anything to preserve their way of life. To survive, it means finding the boy. The one with the power to control their very survival "I am not human," says Varek (JASON BEHR), "I am better than that!" Under the full red moon, the violent feud pits brother against brother, lover against lover, and good against evil.

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