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    Psp Hack Internet Radio Player Custom Firmware 3.80 Shoutcast FreePlay 02:02

    Psp Hack Internet Radio Player Custom Firmware 3.80 Shoutcast FreePlay

    by ipaidthebills (12/23/08) 4,580 views

    With a bit of tweaking you can make the new Internet Radio Player play web radio streams from anywhere you want it to. Sony wanted to lock us in to Shoutcast. I didn't like the limitation, so I removed it. You can actually use this yourself now. There's no need for screwing with DNS servers or anything. Download it from http://f6y.ath.cx/pspdev/FreeRadio/ and read the readme, and you'll be all set. YES, it works on official, UNHACKED firmware.

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    How to Smoke a Hookah Water Pipe 01:37

    How to Smoke a Hookah Water Pipe

    by ipaidthebills (11/13/08) 2,374 views

    How to Smoke a Hookah Water Pipe, It's not so much pulling it through at ounce, But Many lil Tokes, Releasing the choke upon the smoke filling the chamber & inhaling between! "I suggest you keep inhaling for a few sec's after pulling your chamber, Which cools the water between hit's!"

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    Hack an ATM Machine (Free Money) 01:37

    Hack an ATM Machine (Free Money)

    by ipaidthebills (11/14/08) 157,948 views

    HOW TO HACK THE TRANAX MINIBANK 1500 ATM MACHINE "AS SEEN IN VIDEO" FOR FREE MONEY! “ENTER PASSWORD” will be displayed. Enter Master, Service or Operator Password. Defaults: Master = 555555 Service = 222222 Operator = 111111 #1- To access the Operator Function menu, hold the <Cancel>, <Clear> and <Enter> keys simultaneously for 2 seconds, release them and press 1, then press 2, then press 3. The timing of this procedure can be difficult at first. Note: The Operator Function menu can only be accessed when the machine is either in service (“swipe your card” screen) or out of service. If the machine is attempting to connect the host or initializing, you will not be able to use the key commands to access the Operator Function Menu. If you have trouble accessing the Operator Menu, power off the ATM and then either open the vault door or remove the paper from the printer and power back on. This will force the ATM to the Operator Menu. 2- Once you successfully completed the key combination, you will be prompted to enter a password. There are 3 options for passwords. · Operator Password (allows access to basic menu structure) · Service Password (allows access to basic and diagnostic menus) · Master Password (allows access to all menus including setup parameters) Passwords are very important to maintaining security for your ATM. Your dealer/distributor will provide you with default password information. 3- left is the complete Operator Function menu, depending on which password you entered (operators, service, master) you may not see certain functions. For example, if you use an operator password you will not see the Host Setup button, as you will not have access to that menu. 4- DON'T BELIEVE ME? DOWNLOAD THE OWNERS MANUAL! --> http://depositfiles.com/files/9vosrpq4r

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    How to Download NDS Emulator and Game ROMs 01:36

    How to Download NDS Emulator and Game ROMs

    by ipaidthebills (10/18/08) 28,313 views

    >> http://download-free-ds-games.blogspot(DOT)com - DOWNLOAD Unlimited Nintendo DS and DSi Games! Includes software to transfer to your DS! >> http://download-free-ds-games.blogspot(DOT)com - DOWNLOAD NINTENDO DS ROMS HERE ENJOY!-)

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    How to Emulate G.B.A. Roms Requiring the Sun Sensor To Play! 04:21

    How to Emulate G.B.A. Roms Requiring the Sun Sensor To Play!

    by ipaidthebills (10/7/08) 4,510 views

    The real game requires sunlight & the GBA Sunlight Sensor to operate! NO$GBA FULL,ZIP http://depositfiles.com/files/8349463 This Emulator Emulates Nintendo GBA & DS! NO$GBA Also is a great way to transfer your Roms, CART & BIOS's from PC & Your Nintendo DS. This Emulator has the SUNLIGHT EMULATION FUNCTION & WILL WORK! Emulator=NO$GBA FULL,ZIP http://depositfiles.com/files/8349463 GBA ROM= Boktai - The Sun Is In Your Hand http://depositfiles.com/files/8562083 REMEMBER TO UNZIP THE ROM TO YOUR (ROM) DIRECTORY! -To setup the Light Function, After opening the Game rom, 1- Select the (OPTION) Menu from the No$gba Emulator, 2- Select (Emulation Setup) 3- In the (Emulation Tab) Select (Solar Sensor Level) 4- Select Either= - (Darkness=No Sun), - (100Watt=1/2 Sun) - or (Bright Sunlight=Full Sun) ENJOY !

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    Life After Life 09:20

    Life After Life

    by prudhvi27 (10/3/08) 12,147 views

    what happens after death ?How we get another birth (rebirth) ?What is the process in between death and rebirth ?What are the charecteristics of Soul after death?This mysterious story is explained in this video with ultra motion 3D Graphics.Very Very Interesting Video, everyone must watch it

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    The Third Eye 07:21

    The Third Eye

    by prudhvi27 (10/2/08) 28,750 views

    What is it ? Where it is found in our body ? How it will activate ? What are the crucial advantages of Thrid Eye ? What we deserve if the Third Eye is Activated ? Full story is explained in this video with Ultra Motion 3D Graphics

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    UNRELEASED NEVER SEEN - Super Mario Bros SPECIAL 03:08


    by ipaidthebills (9/29/08) 8,221 views

    The Mario You’ve Never Heard Of...With ROM Download! A piece of gaming history whose existence has until now escaped even the most supposedly definitive of books and web archives - a lost Super Mario Brothers game has been discovered! Newly discovered a piece of gaming history whose existence has until now escaped even the most supposedly definitive of books and web archives - a lost Super Mario Brothers game. Called "Super Mario Brothers Special", the game ran on the obscure Japanese PC-8001 computer, and was created in 1986 by veteran developers Hudson Soft. Looking and sounding very much like the arcade/NES original, SMB Special has two major differences to its parent. Firstly, it contains a complete new set of levels, different from both the first game and the Japan-only "Super Mario Bros 2" which later appeared on the SNES Mario Allstars compilation. And secondly, rather than having a scrolling display in the manner of the other Mario games, SMBS features a flick-screen format which changes the gameplay significantly. (For example, a kicked Koopa shell will now rebound off the edge of the screen and come back at you whether there's an obstacle there or not.) Despite these changes, and the primitive hardware the game was running on, SMB Special is an entertaining game, significantly harder than the original and a challenge even in comparison to the Japanese SMB2. But hey, don't take my word for it. N.E.C. PC-8801 Computer Emulator and smb special Rom.zip From South Central Emulation contains everything you need to play SMB Special - the N.E.C. PC88Win emulator, the system ROMs, and the disk image itself. Simply unzip the file contents to a folder, load up the disk in drive 1, select "N Mode" from the "Options" menu and then reset the emulator. The game should auto-run from there. (Controls are numeric pad to move, Z and X the fire buttons. You can use normal cursor keys by switching Num Lock off.) Enjoy, before Nintendo's lawyers have us all killed. Source: http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/ Quick Download Link= <a href="http://depositfiles.com/files/ 7847635">http://depositfiles.com/files/7847635</a>

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