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How to play the piano piece "My lonely road" by isisip. In this video lesson, we will look at the right hand and the left hand separately and then we will use them together. Each melodic line and accompaniment pattern is isolated and played slowly for a few times. Extreme close up of the hand so you will be able to see clearly all the correct fingerings. You may use this lesson alone or together with the piano sheet music to learn the piece more easily. The full length of the video is 18 minutes 16 seconds. Full length video lesson available at *******www.pianomusicdownload.blogspot**** (C) 2007-2009 Isisip
  • 29 Mar 2009
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This Christmas is special, happy holidays! *******www.pianomusicdownload.blogspot****
  • 15 Aug 2009
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A Christmas song for you, happy holidays! *******cdbaby****/cd/isisip
  • 21 Dec 2007
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The blues is a very special kind of music, it has SOUL! I have quite a lot of fun playing it. This is a little improvisation that I did for those of you who like the blues, thanks for watching. If you would like to learn how to play this blues solo, you are welcome to check out a video on my website "how to play blues piano improvisation". *******www.pianomusicdownload.blogspot****
  • 19 Nov 2007
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My last video, the song "my lonely road" is loved by many of you, thank you so much. A taste of my new song "The unfinished story". CD : *******cdbaby****/cd/isisip
  • 19 Nov 2007
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An original composition by Isisip, "beautiful, poetic, full of life" hope you enjoy.More music can be heard here: *******www.pianomusicdownload.blogspot****
  • 19 Oct 2007
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