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    Cool Overshield Glitch 01:13

    Cool Overshield Glitch

    by itfprometheus (8/18/08) 231 views

    ******Team QSG****** Quick Scope Genocide ******Team QSG****** QSG Promo playing as MeatyTurd Can be used in matchmaking or anything. You have to NOT be host for it to work. Works with Overshield or Custom Powerup - Just not with Camo Use a BubbleShield or a Re-Gen, Simply slowly walk into the O.Shield, holding RB (Right Bumper)[as if to exchange equipment] and the equipment will be swapped for the O.Shield. Like I say, doesn't work if you are host. Also - It Does indeed work in matchmaking. This is done in Rumble Pit (Social) Have Fun Distributed by Tubemogul.