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    A Perfect Vacation 02:56

    A Perfect Vacation

    by jessiijack (4/29/11) 8 views - If you are looking to take a much needed break from an exceptionally stressful spell at work, then why not head over to the Caribbean? It is the perfect destination for you to unwind. The atmosphere in the Caribbean is tailor made for relaxation and the best part is, it isn’t too far from home either! It won’t take you too long to get there, nor will it be too expensive.

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    ST. LUCIA Perfect Romantic Holiday Destination 03:01

    ST. LUCIA Perfect Romantic Holiday Destination

    by jessiijack (4/29/11) 59 views - Look no further than St. Lucia if you are looking for that Perfect Romantic Holiday Destination. You’ve been to St. Lucia a thousand times in your mind’s eye when you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful beach with its white sands and clear water. Yup, that’s right; St. Lucia is the kind of island which people dream of. It is located in the Eastern portion of the Caribbean chain and is one of the Windward Islands of what is known as the Lesser Antilles.

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    Visit Dominica For Adventure And Health Tourism

    Visit Dominica For Adventure And Health Tourism

    by jessiijack (4/29/11) 24 views - If you’re looking for a perfect tropical vacation but not willing to venture too far from home, say hello to the beautiful island of Dominica! This island, which is in the Caribbean Sea is as beautiful as it gets. It is filled with lush greenery, waterfalls and dozens of rivers. Plus, there are volcanoes to boot.

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    Vacation On A Budget 02:59

    Vacation On A Budget

    by jessiijack (4/29/11) 18 views - Looking to go on a great vacation but worried about the budget? Well, my friend, not all of us have loads of money to spend on an uber luxurious holiday, so we have to think of ways to cut costs. At the same time cutting costs should not mean that you cannot enjoy your holiday! You should be smart about it and therefore cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

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    Sport Tourism 03:10

    Sport Tourism

    by jessiijack (4/29/11) 120 views - Here’s sport tourism explained. Love the idea of following your Football heroes to exotic destinations around the world while they fight it out to get hold of the World Cup? This is where Sport tourism comes in. This concept is not a new one. Since time immemorial, people have been following their favorite athletes around the world – be it for Olympics or for other gaming events.