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    Fast Food News #6 07:18

    Fast Food News #6 "The McRib" And What To Eat After Sex With Sca

    by jkshow (5/21/07) 1,326 views

    Fast food popculture, news, trivia and features such as The Sandwich of the Week and the Fast Food Hypothetical Question of the Week! This weeks show features news from Wendy's, KFC, Dairy Queen, and the sandwich of the week is the McRib from McDonald's. What fast food meal do you eat after a night of sex with Scarlett Johansson? We have the answers in this our first video show of the Fast Food News. The first five shows are available as audio-only podcasts on iTunes or on our website www.ReginaRadio.com Jay joins us from the In n Out Burger in Modesto, California.