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    Safe and Sound 04:45

    Safe and Sound

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (5/15/09) 37 views

    I think Gerard Way spoilt the song and it would sound much more awosemer if it was just Kyosuke Himuro by himself. But that's just my opinion. What do you think? ... mini album ファイナルファンタジー FFVIIACC FF VIIACC advent children complete soundtrack OST Cloud Strife Tifa Lockheart lockhart sephiroth marlene denzel aerith aeris gainsborough zack fair vincent valentine rufus shinra reno rude kadaj loz yazoo barrett wallace red xiii nanaki Yuffie Kisaragi cid highwind cait sith music video ...

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    The Climb - Cloud Strife 03:51

    The Climb - Cloud Strife

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (5/10/09) 1,114 views

    Miley Cyrus' the climb meets Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife :). Enjoy. ... Miley Cyrus The Climb Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII FFVII Advent Children Crisis Core Zack Fair Aerith Gainsborough Tifa Lockhart Sephiroth Hollywoodrecords Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack

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    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children Complete (musicvideo) 01:48

    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children Complete (musicvideo)

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (5/3/09) 2,552 views

    FFVII Advent Children Complete musicvideo by JaZman ... "Final Fantasy VII" FFVII ACC advent children complete sephiroth geostigma denzel cloud trailer musik video music cid aerith aeris tifa kadaj loz yazoo reunion jenova midgar edge "blu ray" dvd zack ps3 "playstation 3" "crisis core" shinra reno tseng rufus "x ray dog"

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    Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts - I Do Not Hook Up 03:20

    Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts - I Do Not Hook Up

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (4/30/09) 81 views

    ecco un nuovo video su final fantasy e kingdom hearts buona visione Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made and is no was associated with the musical artist or video game company in anyway. I am not making any profit. No copyright infringement intended. #63 - I più commentati (oggi) - Film e animazione #70 - I più votati (oggi) - Film e animazione

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    Final Fantasy - Circus /Numb/Encore Mix

    Final Fantasy - Circus /Numb/Encore Mix

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (4/16/09) 363 views

    WATCH IN HQ - WARNING FLASHING IMAGES OK, no real story here, I just found an awesome song and wanted to make a video to it. Each different song however does have a set game. Circus - FFX-2 Numb - Crisis Core/Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus Encore - FFX Song: Britney Spears VS Linkin Park VS Jay Z - Circus Numb Encore Artists: Britney Spears, Linkin Park and Jay Z Song Creator: Robin Skouteris DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO. THEY ALL BELONG TO THEIR ...

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    Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts & Devil May Cry Parody 02:49

    Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts & Devil May Cry Parody

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (4/16/09) 3 views

    This is my first parody so be nice if it isn't that funny! ^-^ There is alot of South Park in there but not all the way through. I'm making anohter one now with Tidus and Auron. be sure to watch it when I'm done! Plz rate and comment ^-^ Thnx! DISCLAIMER: I don't own the clips or audio used. They belong to their rightful owners. This is purely fan-made.

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