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    Get Free Wii Points Here 01:15

    Get Free Wii Points Here

    by kanajau (1/17/09) 309 views

    If you want free stuff sign up here: http://xrl.us/becuyo This is 100% real, you win prizes for just filling out surveys, so far i have got 1600 microsoft points, xbox live head set, 1 year xbox live, and im saving up for a PSP already half way.

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    Rewards1 - Get Anything FREE Wii / Xbox360 / PS3 / IPod 07:43

    Rewards1 - Get Anything FREE Wii / Xbox360 / PS3 / IPod

    by kanajau (8/14/08) 639 views

    *USE THIS LINK* referrer_id=91841 And if your lazy you can Download robo form here is the link you sign up with Rewards1 use your real info because they will send you your prizes **BUT FAKE STUFF FOR SURVEYS!** For FREE surveys click on AVAILABLE OFFERS(LEFT OF THE PAGE)Once there click the THE FREE CATERGORY LINK NOT CC-FREE!! Any questions or comments leave them. For the select few with questions that have Xbox Live Message me on there Im usually always on.Calvin111117 Make sure to turn off Anti-Virus if your not racking up points sometimes they interfere. Also if you are a frequent Firefox user and you don't seem to be getting points switch to Internet Explorer to do some surveys and vice versa. ** Q AND A ** Q. Ok, so what is Rewards1? A. Rewards1 is a website that encourages you to fill out sponsored surveys for free prizes from the website. Q. What are the prizes? A. Prizes can be anything from Xbox 360 controllers to World of Warcraft prepaid time cards to cell phones and ipods and can be seen here. Q. What if I don't see a prize that I want? A. First, go to amazon.com and browse any of their products. If you find something you like or you would want then go to the main page and enter Rewards1 Support Ticket and the awesome guys at Rewards1 will get back to you in a day or so with the amount of points need for you to claim that prize. Generally $1=1 point. Q. How do I get points? A. There are two ways to get points. First there are "Offers" you can complete that gives you a certain amount of points per offer depending on the offer. There are 4 different types of offers. * Free - These are the easiest and usually the quickest to do. The only downside is they are typically the lowest paying. * CC-Free, requires credit card - usually pay more but you must be careful to read the terms of the offer as they may charge after the trial period if not cancelled in time. * CC-Pay, requires credit card - are the highest paying offers, but require you to make a purchase. * Cellphone - these offers require a cellphone, and may or may not be free. The easiest way to get the maximum amount of points from offers is by creating a few spam accounts at free email websites like: Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. This will allow you to enter a valid email that you can check without having your main email spamed. Another Tip: "Do the offers from the front first. Don't worry if the ones in front are all about lipstick and mascara and the offers in the back are Ferrari's and XBox's, you want to get as many points as quickly as possible - don't be fooled by "cool" looking or high paying offers."