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    How to Make Garam Masala('hot Spice) 02:51

    How to Make Garam Masala('hot Spice)

    by alkaC (2/22/09) 24,649 views

    If Mom can so can I -Episode 1- Singapore documentary maker Alka C Mehta starts her cooking show. In her first episode she talks about how to make Garam masala Garam masala, which means 'hot spice' , is a basic blend of ground spices to be used alone or with other seasonings. It is common in Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani cuisines

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    Near Miss - No Way- This is Real Crash , Diaster

    Near Miss - No Way- This is Real Crash , Diaster

    by chanderM (2/16/09) 5,692 views

    Tanker Quetzalcoatl exploded while welding was in progress at repair BERTH leaving eight dead and nine injured on Mid October 2006.this has been reconstructed to learn safety lessons . Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Chitta Katra

    Chitta Katra

    by chanderM (1/26/09) 435 views

    On the site of the fort of the Bhangis came up a katra called Chitta or katra Sufaid in early 1900 and is still the same. My favorite LAJ Masi has lived in Chitta katra for 60 years. You do not ask address, but you ask name of the person you want to visit. If you lose the way, you are informed of the right way, No need to ask. You get all you want, just name it. It is a walk in memory lane

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    Near Miss and Smokey Train in Mumbai 01:19

    Near Miss and Smokey Train in Mumbai

    by chanderM (1/17/09) 2,346 views

    On 2nd Jan 2009 afternoon, passengers in Mumbai local train face near Near miss fatal smoke situation. Crowd manages themselves, no panic at all. Cops check train like experts and assure one and all. Crowd climbs up, and smile and are not scared. Another train arrives and life moves on. Something is found on tracks, no one checks and no one has time to check. Mumbai spirit lives

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    Near- Miss at Sea

    Near- Miss at Sea

    by alkaC (10/12/08) 4,306 views

    Crew survives as they discard valve in to the sea. Is it safe? One of the crew narrowly misses falling into the sea, but they continue at their own risk. Who is responsible? Will appreciate comments on this near miss. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Akela 07:14


    by alkaC (9/8/08) 1,112 views

    Bored female artist meets old man who walks in to her apartment with his happy memories locked in an album. Motivating each other they make a master piece on canvas . AKELA (ALONE) -- short movie of 7 minutes based on Syed haider Raza poem with same title will be screened at Cannes 2008 at Short movie festival in May 2008. It's a message to world to inspire each other and solve the burning topic of solitude, loneness, alone and being AKELA (Alone), seclusion

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    Cannes 2008 – Different Way of Life 04:13

    Cannes 2008 – Different Way of Life

    by alkaC (6/5/08) 288 views

    As woman sleeps in train on the way to Cannes, Does the back side dance . Circus walk by stars as crowd watches. Man begs for just one ticket . Director has no entry to his movie as he need to wear formal shoes and pants and does the exchange . Ride back. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Akela(Alone) 01:07


    by alkaC (3/19/08) 668 views

    Based on Famous Indian artist Syed Haider Raza’s poem – Akela (ALONE) Translated in English All cities are my communities All villages are happy and joyful I am in everyone and all are in me Still I am very alone(Akela ) Artist welcomes a most unusual guest. Akela is a short film that deals with the passage from loneliness to happiness. Two depressed people who find inspiration in one another

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