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    The Ultimate Cheapshot 01:16

    The Ultimate Cheapshot

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 52 views

    A couple of buddies are rough housing and finally call it quits. The smaller of the two decided to land a final cheap shot to claim victory.

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    Spotter Gets Kicked Across Gymnasium

    Spotter Gets Kicked Across Gymnasium

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 118 views

    A spotter thinks the gymnast is about to fall and goes to catch him. The gymnast gains control and ends up swining into the spotter so hard that the dude goes flying across the mat.

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    Dryer Prank Back Fires 01:11

    Dryer Prank Back Fires

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 139 views

    These guys dare their friend to climb into the dryer all the way and close the door. Turning the dryer on was not part of the deal and when that happens, the prank back fires, painfully.

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    FedEx Planes Dodging Storm

    FedEx Planes Dodging Storm

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 479 views

    This is an FAA radar track sequence of FedEx planes avoiding a storm as they approach the Memphis airport. Pretty cool to watch, looks kinda like an ant farm.

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    Slow Motion Gun Shots

    Slow Motion Gun Shots

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 1,465 views

    I am such a sucker for the slow motion high fps videos. This one is very cool though. This dude films himself getting hit with a paintball and a BB gun.

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    Snowmobiler Cruises Across River

    Snowmobiler Cruises Across River

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 56 views

    Some dude tries to ride his snowmobile across a river and although he does successfully he quickly learns its still not powerful enough to drive through trees.

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    Drunk Chick Gets Tazed 01:29

    Drunk Chick Gets Tazed

    by karenserlm (8/30/08) 2,750 views

    Some chick gets arrested for drunk driving and while in the police headquarters starts freaking out. One of the cops tazes her and since she is wasted the jolt knocks her out cold and sends her crashing into the ground.

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