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    Zimbabwe Mobilizes Nation Immunization and Health Drive 03:09

    Zimbabwe Mobilizes Nation Immunization and Health Drive

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 221 views

    Zimbabweís second round of its 2007 Child Health Days began this Monday. This critical campaign targets two million children with polio vaccine and basic childhood immunisation.Now in its third consecutive year, Child Health Days have played a significant role in raising immunisation rates and boosting child-survival-efforts in Zimbabwe. 40 year old Edith Mwanyali regrets that in the past she has missed the opportunity to protect her children. Mrs Mwanyali says home visits and strong information campaigns ensured she was aware of this weekís Child Health Days. The community mobilisation has been critical to the success of the Child Health Days. Tens of thousands of selfless, hardworking medical staff and volunteers underscore why there is so much reason to be positive in Zimbabwe.

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    Ongoing Violence Imperils Health, Education for Kenyan Children 02:39

    Ongoing Violence Imperils Health, Education for Kenyan Children

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 458 views

    The atrocious violence that swept through Kenya after Decemberís disputed presidential election has meant untold misery for children.Hundreds of thousands of children have been displaced, now forced to live in bleak camps and tents across the country. The violence erupted as children sought to begin their new school year. Typically a sanctuary for millions of Kenyan children, this new education year commenced with burning schools, teachers in hiding far from their classrooms, and students fleeing homes as their precious books and uniforms were turned to ashes. Tonight thousands of Kenyan children will sleep with these nightmares, hungry and in crowded rooms. When they wake, many have no schools to go to. But amid the turmoil, UNICEF is ensuring protection and normalcy for as many children as it can. Education is providing a means.Safe now and back at a UNICEF-supported school on the edge of Nairobiís biggest slum, young Pinto Omondi has some advice for his countryís leaders.

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    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Association with the Academy Awards' 02:12

    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Association with the Academy Awards'

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 223 views

    Continuing its distinguished 73-year association with the Academy Awards,PricewaterhouseCoopers today announced that Brad Oltmanns and Rick Rosas will lead the balloting process for the 79th Annual Academy Awards. PricewaterhouseCoopers' engagement with the Academy represents a tremendous honor for the firm. In 73 years, only 12 partners have counted the ballots. To promote secrecy, Oltmanns and Rosas lead a closed-mouth group of accountants who work on the project from a secret location for several days. There are approximately 6,000 voting members, which translates to approximately 1,700 "person-hours"each year to count and verify the ballots.

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    Traveling with Asthma 02:14

    Traveling with Asthma

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 233 views

    Summer vacation. Itís what kids look forward to all year long. So when planning your familyís trips this year, remember to choose destinations that offer activities for everyone. This is especially true for the families of the 9 million children in America who have asthma. Consider climate, pollution, seasonal allergens and access to medical facilities when choosing your destination. Dr. Derek Johnson, pediatric allergist and immunologist: ìAsthma does not have to be a vacation stopper. The most important thing parents can do is plan ahead. You can go online and you can look at pollen counts and pollution levels in the cities that youíre traveling to and know what to expect when you arrive.î Choosing lodging also can be tricky when traveling with a child with asthma. Potential irritants such as smoke, mold and dust mites are everywhere.

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    NAIAS Next Generation Hybrids 01:31

    NAIAS Next Generation Hybrids

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 46 views

    The North American International Auto Show (previously called the Detroit Auto Show and often abbreviated NAIAS) is an annual automobile show (or auto show) that occurs every year in Detroit, Michigan. The show begins with press preview days, industry preview days and a charity preview event. The charity preview raises money for local children's charities. In 2004 and 2005, the charity preview attracted 17,500 people at $400 a ticket and raised $7 million in total. 2006 was the sixth consecutive year the charity preview event raised over $6 million. 35,711 tickets were sold for the industry preview representing people from 24 countries in 2005 and 6,897 credentialed press from 63 countries. Over 800,000 attended during the days the show was open to the general public in 2004. It is estimated that the show provides over $500 million to the local economy. The NAIAS was long the only auto show in the United States sanctioned by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles, however since 2006 the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show was recognized and,starting in 2007, the Chicago Auto Show was as well

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    Hot Wheels Designer Challenge for the 2008 Toy Fair 01:51

    Hot Wheels Designer Challenge for the 2008 Toy Fair

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 5,944 views

    Hot Wheels' first-ever Designer's Challenge saw the participation of six automotive manufacturers, with the aim of designing and creating an original Hot Wheels vehicle.This event marked the first time Hot Wheels has turned outside the company to seek new vehicle designs. Automotive manufacturer participants in the Hot WheelsÆ Designer's Challengeô - Dodge, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Lotus and Mitsubishi - were tasked with designing a car that captured the die-cast brand's core essence of speed, power, performance and attitude, while also encompassing the distinct attributes of each company's automotive brand values. In addition, each car had to be able to perform a loop on classic Hot WheelsÆ orange track. The top three designs from each automotive manufacturer were selected and presented to a panel of judges that included editors from the Los Angeles Times, Car and Driver, and Men's Journal, along with Hot WheelsÆ designers and executives.

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    UNICEF A Call for Aid to Help Somalia'­s Undernourished Children 02:32

    UNICEF A Call for Aid to Help Somalia'­s Undernourished Children

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 1,529 views

    Somalia is an intolerable place for its 4 million children. Without an effective central government since 1991, two generations have had their childhood shattered by war, famine and disease. Today intensified fighting, drought, and a nutritional crisis threaten to make 2008 one of the worst-ever years for Somaliaís forgotten children. It is an appalling prospect.This week new figures from the United Nations Childrenís Fund show malnutrition on the rise. At a hospital in northern Somalia, Dr Hodan Ahmed is dealing with the human face behind the new numbers. Estimates put the number of those killed by fighting and famine at one million. The number of internally displaced, girls such as 13-year-old Khadi Abdire, has doubled in the last six months, leaving more and more children reliant on international support for survival.

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    David Beckham Surprises Local Footballers in Sierra Leone 01:50

    David Beckham Surprises Local Footballers in Sierra Leone

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 1,815 views

    The most spontaneous move on David Beckham's unannounced visit to Sierra Leone was an improvised stop at a roadside pitch for a game of football in Freetown. We were driving past the pitch on our way to the hotel, when Beckham noticed the game in progress and had the vehicles circle back. We parked on the side of the road and walked down a dirt path to the pitch. The players were completely caught off guard. what began with a polite hand-shake quickly turned into a frenzy as they realized one of the game's most recognizable stars was standing among them. It wasn't enough just to shake his hand. They had to rub his head, touch his tattoos� As for the game itself, Beckham took it easy. At one point, he took off his UNICEF t-shirt and gave it to one of the locals. This particular day was hot and dusty, but everybody was having a great time. Even though many areas in Freetown lack electricity, there was no shortage of mobile phones. So by the time the game ended, word had spread that Beckham was in town ñ shirtless no less. He posed for pictures, shook more hands, and fought his way back to the vehicles. A memorable day for everyone, David Beckham included

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    UNICEF and IKEA Reintroduce Albanian Children to Books 02:58

    UNICEF and IKEA Reintroduce Albanian Children to Books

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 509 views

    AlbaniaÖ where a generation of school children has been growing up without books or encouragement to read. Public libraries were re-purposed and school budgets slashed in the transition from communism. While at home, most families are too poor to buy their own books so children have had little, often nothing, to read. But the situation is changingÖ UNICEF and partners have committed to opening a library in 850 schools here and to re-igniting the once strong culture of reading. IKEA, UNICEFís largest corporate donor is a key partner in the Albania Reads project. Last year, the global furniture retailer gave 10.5 million dollars to UNICEF, with schemes like this annual soft-toy campaign raising money to help improve childrenís lives. For just 1 million dollars, Albania Reads will reach more than 200 thousand children. Marginalised youth are being employed to build new bookshelves and to help with distribution. Books have been donated from publishing houses. Teacher training and new governmental policies are promoting the benefits of reading.

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    UNICEF 60th Anniversary 1960-1979: the Development Decades 03:48

    UNICEF 60th Anniversary 1960-1979: the Development Decades

    by karmavisiontv (3/17/08) 166 views

    UNICEF was to provide more than just humanitarian relief: in addition to nutrition and health, education and family issues became an additional focus. UNICEFís work was now to become a key to global development.Education, of course, is central to fostering that development, especially in the many newly independent nations in Africa, and fully half of UNICEF spending was dedicated to learning. UNICEFís work was in the global spotlight mid-decade, as Executive Director Henry Labouisse accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.Public support and funds for children through the National Committees expanded, and the greeting card operation flourished. In Nigeria, a brutal civil war made it clear that emergencies ñ whether man-made or acts of nature ñ are the rule, not the exception in childrenís lives, and UNICEF did not lose sight of its roots, bringing emergency relief back to its program of long-term development aid.

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