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    Nervous Crow Who Knows Electicity

    Nervous Crow Who Knows Electicity

    by katymetacafe (2/26/12) 9 views

    Suburban crow attempting to eat possum electrocuted on high tension electicity wires. The crow seems to squawk nervously and it tentative in its attempts to make contact with the possum. It also avoids contact with more than one wire as doing so would kill the crow, too.

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    Love is ... (longer Cut) 01:37

    Love is ... (longer Cut)

    by katymetacafe (7/21/09) 246 views

    Patrick and Lucy again enjoying grooming and just being together. In this longer version the grooming is reduced and you get to observe more the simple pleasure these two cats derive from each others company. Patrick adopted Lucy when she wandered into his garden a little kitten: undernourished, dirty, fur knotted and extremely timid. He cleaned her, kept her warm, played with her and shared his food till she relaxed enough to trust humans. Now Patrick and the cotton ball kitten are inseparable. I think their affection comes through on this film. (Blackout Productions)

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    Animated Neon Sign -Skipping Girl Vinegar 01:02

    Animated Neon Sign -Skipping Girl Vinegar

    by katymetacafe (7/21/09) 2,786 views

    This animated neon sign in Burnley Victoria (Australia) has recently enjoyed its second restoration to its original condition. A landmark early last century in pre-television days, it advertised a no longer available brand of vinegar. The Skipping Girl sign is now a heritage listed item. Blackout Productions, 2009.

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    Love is ... Feline Friends

    Love is ... Feline Friends

    by katymetacafe (6/28/09) 15,869 views

    A cold day, two cats huddled in a basket, one washes the other with great attention, a bird cries out in the background but goes unnoticed. Nice, relaxing, comforting footage.

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