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    Solavei Wireless 04:06

    Solavei Wireless

    by keitqhqfne (8/18/12) 17 views

    Contact me at Solavei is simply a company that has a mission to make cell phone service less expensive and even profitable for it's members. The vision is to shift Billions of dollars spent on advertising back into the hands of it's members. The will be accomplished by combining mobile communications, social media and internet technology to create a revolution call social commerce. The revolution began with the power of 12 people- this is how our team name was generated-REVO12. Team REVO12's mission is to support our members, provide outstanding tools and create success for everyone! If you are interested or have any questions, let me know at This is not a scam ( that makes me laugh ) simply because you are paying for cell phone service. You are not paying money to make money. This is not a get rich quick thing. It's simply to help you save money on your phone bill and if you are interested in the making money part let me know. I will help you. But if not that is totally up to you. Thank you for watching!

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    T-Shirt Quilts - Custom Memory Quilts From Your Clothing 01:03

    T-Shirt Quilts - Custom Memory Quilts From Your Clothing

    by keitqhqfne (8/18/12) 16 views Need a unique gift idea? View Mary's custom made t-shirt quilts to inspire you for the perfect gift for your loved one. A memory quilt is a perfect gift for anyone. Mary has made memory quilts out of numerous cloting items from baby blankets to college t-shirts, rock band t-shirts and even collections of Harley Davidson t-shirt collections. Watch and get inspired for some great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season! See more t-shirt quilt galleries here:

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    Scarlett Rabe: Never Know (Official Music Video) 02:31

    Scarlett Rabe: Never Know (Official Music Video)

    by keitqhqfne (8/18/12) 66 views

    Never Know Never Know Never Know Never Know is the Official Scarlett Rabe Music Video and her first single from the Love Scars album. Shot mostly in her second hometown of New York City, this video was not filmed with a video camera. It was made by editing together thousands of individual photos.

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    "Good Time" by Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City with Mashup Cover by CHANEL LÓRAN & JADA FACER.

    by keitqhqfne (8/4/12) 111 views

    "Good Time" by Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City Plus Mashup "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, "Starships" by Nicki Minaj, & "Pary Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. This video Mashup Cover by Chanel Lóran & Jada Facer. Please check out the totally cool and fun Mash Track by Chanel Lóran and Jada Facer! For more information, please check their websites. Special thanks to Platinum Stars Production for another great video!

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