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    Microwave Experiments 03:21

    Microwave Experiments

    by kirby772 (8/24/08) 197 views

    These guys set out to take their microwave to the edge and see what it takes to kill it. Probably shouldnt try this at home, unless you want to eat cold bagel bites.

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    Big Time Rally Skills 01:14

    Big Time Rally Skills

    by kirby772 (8/24/08) 70 views

    So I am constantly tossing up clips with guys wiping out at Rally Car races. I guess a couple of these guys can actually drive.

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    Pretty Cool Reverse Movie 03:07

    Pretty Cool Reverse Movie

    by kirby772 (8/24/08) 172 views

    Every once in a while we get one of these reverse movies and most are just ok, I really thought this one was cool. Clearly this guy took his time in creating it.

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    Burping Girl 02:52

    Burping Girl

    by kirby772 (8/24/08) 1,720 views

    This girl can burp better than most men. There is something so cool about a girl having this talent, I definitely enjoyed her performance.

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    Ford Recalls Trucks 01:25

    Ford Recalls Trucks

    by kirby772 (8/23/08) 162 views

    Ford announced a recall today of 37,400 trucks. The reason was flames shot out of the tailpipes. Not sure how that actually slipped by quality control.

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