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    Real Hack to Get Free Xbox360 with Proof!

    Real Hack to Get Free Xbox360 with Proof!

    by kitekichu (10/15/08) 838 views

    This is so real because lots of people have mistake people by giving their refferals link and they will tell you this is the hacked link but mine is real you can watch the PROOF on the video. Here is the hacked link: on this URL then signup and complete one offer, log out and then log back in after 10 minutes then you will have 10 points for the xbox360! if you want other stuff like macbook air then click on this hacked link and do the same again! LINK:

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    Free Macbook Air with Proof! 04:08

    Free Macbook Air with Proof!

    by kitekichu (10/15/08) 824 views

    This is so real. you will get free macbook air from this site and i found a new hack for it, just sign up using the hacked id and complete one offer wait for 60 minutes and log in you will now have 20 refferals for the macbook air! i just got my mac book air yesturday for free try this hack this really works here is the hacked code sign up ad complete one offer! your free gift and dont for get to comment so others know this is real!

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    The Real Xpango Hack 100% with Proof! 02:46

    The Real Xpango Hack 100% with Proof!

    by kitekichu (10/15/08) 1,063 views

    -MUST READ- Hello, i am kitekichu i found hack for xpango this is real 100% with proof on the video please will fool you because they will give you refferal id and you will do it but my one is real i had proofs on the video watch the video first! 1.Sign up to xpango and type in the 91511201 to the refferal id box. 2. when you did hat open cmd and type xphak make sure you type it correctly and press enter and close it. 3.Sign up and complete one offer, wait until you get credited . Last step. log off and then log back in after 5 minutes you will have the credit you needed for your prize! p.s. comment me and messege me, ENJOY YOUR FREE PRIZE! here is a link to other freebie site that you will get free macbook air its called: the hack for this is on my other video!

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    The Real Hack for Rewards1 and Prizerebel. 01:07

    The Real Hack for Rewards1 and Prizerebel.

    by kitekichu (7/31/08) 3,332 views

    This is a real hack.You have to sign up with my refferal because i hacked it. This is real 100%.Please messege me on youtube so i can help you if you had any problems.. Trust me this is real. Just try it yourself you could get any stuff for free! Here is the hacked refferal for rewards1- Here is the hacked referral for prizerebel -

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    The Joker's Magic Trick 02:54

    The Joker's Magic Trick

    by kitekichu (7/31/08) 8,308 views

    This is not as good as the actual clip, but it is a chance to prevent deletion. I tried to add some personality to the photos to make the video easier to watch. This is the complete scene as opposed to an extended version of the magic trick. Enjoy. **EDIT** I may have created this video, but the photos and audio are copyright to Warner Bros. It is hardly a replacement for the entire film nor as impressive as the actual scene. I only want to promote The Dark Knight and encourage fans (old and new) to become inspired to drive to a movie theater to see it (again or for the first time). No money is being exchanged here.

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