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    Urantia United 01:23

    Urantia United

    by kkawohl (8/3/08) 345 views

    God is too large to fit into any one religion. The original Urantia Book was edited to give equal credit to all religions. Those who do not believe that Jesus is the only son of God can now enjoy the beauty of the Urantia Book.

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    My Spiritual Journey 06:23

    My Spiritual Journey

    by kkawohl (9/22/07) 258 views

    Religiosity :) is boring and dull & for the old folk...but...spirituality is love, peace and compassion. Religions have set up their own dogmas...and they try to convince you that you better believe them, or else...well, I am the ultimate preacher...and I say, "these are all man-made rules"...God does not need slaves, praise, or anything from us...just live righteously & believe whatever you want...and I'll see you in Heaven.