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    Virtual Studio Test in Adobe After Effects

    Virtual Studio Test in Adobe After Effects

    by knaven (1/12/11) 472 views

    A virtual studio created with Photoshop and After Effects. The presenter was shot on a green screen and then added as a 3D layer in the composition. This is test to see that the effect works. Produced by

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    Can You Wait 4000 Years

    Can You Wait 4000 Years

    by knaven (4/8/08) 2,141 views

    It's happened many times in the last 2000 years but it won't happen again for another 4000 years. What is it?

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    Ball Illusion

    Ball Illusion

    by knaven (4/9/08) 1,824 views

    Ball Illusion demonstrates how the human brain can be fooled into placing an object in the wrong position relative to a background.

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    Why Isn't Yogurt Green?

    Why Isn't Yogurt Green?

    by knaven (2/12/08) 332 views

    Natural yogurt is white but when you seperate the liquid from the solids you get green liquid and white solids. Why? Even stranger, mix the green liquid and white solid together again and you get white yogurt again,

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    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses 01:03

    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses

    by knaven (1/13/08) 13,523 views

    Pinhole Specs - See Without Lenses. Download my pinhole specs plans from the "Related link" below and print on thin cardboard to create your own pair of pinhole specs. Have fun with pinholes even if you don't have poor eyesight. Pinholes can improve poor eyesight or reduce the minimum focus distance of someone with good eyesight. With pinholes only the central light rays pass through the eye lens, these are not bent by the eye lens and so a clearer image is projected onto the retina. In this video pinhole specs were used with a defocused camera to simulate the before and after effect of seeing with pinholes.

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    Paper Support Trick 01:11

    Paper Support Trick

    by knaven (1/3/08) 34,539 views

    How to make an A4 sheet of paper carry the weight of a bottle of wine, that's more than 160 times its own weight. It's easy once you know how and the principle is widely used in structural engineering and even in the making of cardboard boxes.

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    Number 4 Trick 01:06

    Number 4 Trick

    by knaven (12/30/07) 18,469 views

    Number 4 Trick shows that when you combine words and numbers you always seem to end up with the number 4. A cool and fun number trick. Watch Number 4 Trick and have a go yourself.

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    Printing With Food Colouring 01:13

    Printing With Food Colouring

    by knaven (12/29/07) 35,259 views

    Printing With Food Colouring shows you how to refill your ink cartridges with inexpensive food colouring in an emergency or if you want to save money. I am using an HP 343 Tri-Colour cartridge but food colouring could replace most ink refills in other ink jet cartridges.Produced by and

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    Calculator Word Challenge 01:36

    Calculator Word Challenge

    by knaven (12/12/07) 37,052 views

    How many words can you spell out on your calculator?Calculator Word Challenge gives you 103 to get you started. If you can find another Calculator Word please leave it in the comments.

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