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    Sushi Tips 13:15

    Sushi Tips

    by l0ckergn0me (4/20/11) 37 views

    Eating sushi requires more than putting nigiri in your mouth and chewing. There are a number of things you should keep in mind when eating at a sushi restaurant, starting with how you use your chopsticks. There's etiquette to eating rolls and sashimi. Asking the sushi chef for the best cuts also requires tact that can either make you look like you know how to eat sushi, or it can make you look like a total sushi noob. This video shows you all the things you shouldn't do at a sushi restaurant, coupled with the right approach, so you can look like a pro the next time you dine. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Geeks Gather at CES 01:40

    Geeks Gather at CES

    by l0ckergn0me (4/20/11) 11 views

    Yes, we all are meeting each other for the first time. At least, all four of us are together for the first time. This was an epic moment, and expect to see everybody's respective video perspective uploaded to their own channels at some point in the near future! Were you at CES, too? Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Apple Rechargable Batteries 06:42

    Apple Rechargable Batteries

    by l0ckergn0me (4/16/11) 17 views

    Apple rechargeable batteries come in a white box, are made by Apple, and cost more than other rechargeable batteries. That either means you're overpaying because you're an Apple fanboy or they truly are better than your average rechargeable battery. So are the Apple rechargeable batteries better? Or are they simply overpriced? See the Apple batteries unboxed complete with an unbiased take on their viability for keeping your Apple keyboard and mouse operational. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Beep It! 03:52

    Beep It!

    by l0ckergn0me (4/16/11) 112 views

    Beep-it is a electronic musical instrument that responds to light. Beep-it is shifts pitch and tone based on how much light is available, making it an analog optical theremin. By casting shadows and reducing available light to sensors inside Beep-it, or by passing it closer to a light source at varying speeds, you can dramatically alter the pitch of sounds coming from Beep-it. The original Beep-it was created by the founder of Unatronics for his nephew. Early reproductions were made with a pietri dish as a case. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    World's Best USB Gadget Battery Pack (TM) 08:55

    World's Best USB Gadget Battery Pack (TM)

    by l0ckergn0me (4/15/11) 155 views

    http://go.tagjag.com/powermax USB battery packs are necessary for almost all portable devices. Most devices, like iPhone and Android cell phone can't make it through an normal day without reconnecting to power. The i.Sound Portable Power Max is a USB battery pack designed to solve this power limitation, with a 16,000 mAh battery pack, complete with 5 USB ports for charging any device you can connect via USB. In addition to powering standard devices, the i.Sound Portable Power Max has the 5W charging power required to keep your iPad charged, should you find the 10-hour iPad battery life to be too short for your needs. In fact, the i.Sound Portable Power Max Promises 30 additional hours of battery life for the Apple iPad, assuming you aren't recharging any other devices at the same time. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Why Do Magazines Still Exist? 05:33

    Why Do Magazines Still Exist?

    by l0ckergn0me (4/15/11) 26 views

    If a magazine needs to tell you that magazines are still important, is it already too late? The news predicts the end of magazines or the switch to a fully digital reading experience with regularity, yet many of us still have magazines arriving every month. In this video Chris points out some of the tactics magazines and their advertisers are using to remain relevant. Using the iPad to raise awareness of the Samsung Epic by surrounding articles with Samsung Epic ads. He shows us how Microsoft can't standardize on their own 2D code standard as Microsoft Sync uses a Microsoft Tag (the alternative to QR Codes) in an ad, while Windows 7 advertising contains a QR Code. And does every advertisment really need to include an iPad? If you still read magazines, which ones do you read and why? Leave a comment, create a video response, or drop Chris an email to share your reasons for reading magazines. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Remote Viewing with the IPod, IPhone or IPad 02:51

    Remote Viewing with the IPod, IPhone or IPad

    by l0ckergn0me (4/15/11) 28 views

    If you have a home security system with a convoluted series of buttons to push, you may want to consider upgrading to an iPhone app. ADT offers customers an iPhone app that allows you to arm and disarm the security system on your home, with your iPhone, whether you are home or away. Additional security is easy to add by using software on your Mac and a Slingbox to route video for remote viewing of even more locations. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    I Dropped My Unlimited Data Plan for IPhone Tethering 11:54

    I Dropped My Unlimited Data Plan for IPhone Tethering

    by l0ckergn0me (3/25/11) 87 views

    Having a data plan for every device is expensive. With the new iPhone tethering option, you get a $45 monthly plan on your iPhone, with the ability to share the plan with your iPad or your laptop. Assuming you don't go over the 4GB data cap, monthly tethering might be a better option than buying a data plan per device. Be sure to look at your personal data usage of iPhone, iPad and computer data, you can find a model that works for your needs, avoiding unnecessary charges for data plans you aren't using, just like I did. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    IPad HDMI AV Cable - Is It Good to Buy? 05:05

    IPad HDMI AV Cable - Is It Good to Buy?

    by l0ckergn0me (3/21/11) 632 views

    The iPad HDMI adapter, officially called the Apple Digital AV Adapter, mirrors anything on your iPad 2 scren to an HDTV or computer monitor with HDMI input. Screen mirroring works at up to 1080p, but movies are limited to the 720p of the iTunes downloads. Slideshows and movies are supported at 720p from the original iPad, iPhone 4, or 4th generation iPod touch hardware. For any screen with support for digital audio input via HDMI, audio is also passed to the high definition display. A second dock connector built into the Apple Digital AV adapter allows you to charge or sync your iPad at the same time you are connecting it to an external display. This review shows you how all these features work and why this is a must-have addition to your iPad 2 Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Does IPad 2 Speed Feel Faster Than IPad 1? 06:51

    Does IPad 2 Speed Feel Faster Than IPad 1?

    by l0ckergn0me (3/21/11) 139 views

    iPad 2 includes a faster processor, which means it should be faster than the first generation iPad. But is it? Here's a comparison of the iPad 2 and iPad 1 to see differences in performance between the two tablet computers. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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