After a very hard week of training the guys and girls get together on Fridays to have open roll. This is were everyone matches up and goes head to head testing their jiu jitsu skills against one another. It is also a great way to evalute the students to see if they have retained what was taught the week prior by Master Instuctor Mr. Alex Silva Ruas..
  • 19 Feb 2012
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This video shows how simple plactic cones can be used to help build cardio, stamina, muscle and lose weight. Each cone represents a station, at each station the person will perform a excercise according to their fitness level to be determined by the trainner or instructor. The cones provide a very flexible way of training one person or a group of people. In this video I only used four cones and a set of resistance bands. A trainner may use any type of training device he or she decides. The instructor can have the person do reps or have them work withinn a specified time period such as 30 secons, one minute and so on. It is a very useful tool with endless combinations.
  • 10 Feb 2012
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Today's vdeo was filmed in a public park to show a simple and easy workout with a resistance band and a open field or space to run in. This workout is perfect on a day that you may feel over trained or simply tired but still want to get a sweat in. It is a very low impact workout and can be done in a timely manner. The park can be a great place to get away ,clear your mind and focus on your workout while at the same time enjoying the veiw.
  • 8 Feb 2012
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In this video I am sharing with you some day to day drills that we do here at ASR. These drills are done to promote stamina, cardio basic and advance Jiu Jitsu positions. These drills also are a great way to stay in shape while also giving a basic foundation in your Jiu Jitsu and fitness goals
  • 7 Feb 2012
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Hello again and welcome to ASR Fitness Trainning System. I will be posting many video's in the near furture to share with you the ends and outs of ASR trainning. I will also be giving my little tips that I have been doing over the years to keep my self in great condition. also I will be shariing my eating habbits with you. My goal is to motivate you to make fitness a daily routine and how you should always put your body first, then everything els will fall in place for you. Remember always check with your doctor before you start any fitness program....
  • 6 Feb 2012
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Hello and welcome to your new journey in fitness. I'm a retired Navy Chief after 22 years of service, a farther of three girls and stay at home dad. Yes being a stay at home dad is by far alot harder than being in the Navy! I have also been a Navy ROTC instructor in Atmore Alabama at Escambia County High School and former Federal police officer at NAS Pensacola air station. I also have been a certified personal trainer and I have always been very much into fitness. I suppose you could say it has been a life saver for me. I am a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the instruction of Master Alex Silva Ruas for over five years now. I am 46 years young and I would like to share with you the tools that I use to keep myself in tip top shape. I want to be there for my children but I also want to be the best dad I can and that is only possible if I keep my mind, body and spirit in the right place, this is what fitness has done for me. I want to bring to pensacola a new type of fitness trainning, using weights, resistance, boxing, Jiu jitsu, and a combination of high and low impact trainning. Allow me to help you begain a new journey in fitness. My journey started many years ago and has alllowed me to live a more fruitful life. I will be putting together many video's in the near furture to give you a look inside of how you can change your life style by just being committed to your mind and body. Feel free to call with any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can. I would love to hear from you and I look forward to making a difference in your life, young, old, big, or small fitness is right for everyone you just have to make the choice to change your life. I can be reached at 850-748-1332 or email me at getsomewindyahoo**** No price will be descussed , only your goals and how I can help you reach them. God bless ............
  • 4 Feb 2012
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After being knocked down trying to make money online I decided to strike back and build my own success system. The determination has paid off and has blessed my life. Never give up on your dreams and when you get hit, hit back twice as hard and you will succed........
  • 24 Sep 2009
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