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    (HD) Carolyn Pioro Presents Cirque Tacular

    (HD) Carolyn Pioro Presents Cirque Tacular

    by lelandtilden (2/19/09) 2,077 views

    Cirque-Tacular and the seven deadly sins at Toronto's Polson Pier Entertainment Complex march 29th, a fundraising event for Carolyn Pioro and the Canadian Spinal Research Organization. Audiences will be dazzled by aerial arts, fire and dance performances. Tickets now available at Please help by favouriting and forwarding on this video. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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    Cirque Tacular on the Flipside 01:13

    Cirque Tacular on the Flipside

    by lelandtilden (1/12/09) 1,795 views

    Angelic Elisa DeAngelis shows us her circus of sin over Coffee at Tatsu's. Sickness... "Cirque~Tacular and the seven deadly sins" is an aerial dance fusion showcase featuring rope, silks, hoop, hammoc, stilts, hip hop and contemporary dancers, musicians and fire performers. Cirque~Tacular can be booked as an entire show, or by act. Check out for more details! Be sure to stay tuned for more Flipside adventures, coming your way in High Definition on! Lelandtilden ~ Leland Tilden Producer/Creator ~

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    Sarah Gets a Mary Murphy Scream for Her Tunadance.

    Sarah Gets a Mary Murphy Scream for Her Tunadance.

    by lelandtilden (10/17/08) 873 views

    Sarah has a hot tunafish seizure in this glorious banner captured from the So You Think You Can Dance Canada site. You may also recognize Sarah from her legendary aerial circus arts performances, flashdance on the subway in a Cloverleaf Tuna ad, and her appearances On The Flip Side. Check out for more unmissable Sarah action.

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    Sarah's Skills 01:33

    Sarah's Skills

    by lelandtilden (7/9/08) 28,540 views

    Legendary Aerialist Sarah Scheunhage tumbles, hand~balances, climbs, wraps and falls on the Flipside. Amazing and unmissable. Featuring Sarah Scheunhage and photographer Rob Seguin, with fully licensed music by Charles Topping and graphic design elements by Stacey Vukovics. Videography and editing by Leland Tilden, 2008. Totally relevant tags include exciting words such as Gymnastics acrobatics acro dance tumbling tricking tricks stunts parkour circus cirque du soliel girl woman female babe chick silks tissue fabric sexy fall tumble tumbles funny hilarious viral new hot hottest best first time newest biggest longest lines blooper red head blonde young olympic olympics 2008 2004 2000 2012 worlds gym gymkata lady so you think you can dance twist wrap fall climb nude public performance art installation video jokes pranks naked incredible amazing big now funky monkey ninja parade in my pants and everyone is invited, tomorrow at six under the banana van. Trippy crazy flips back flip front flip back handspring step out front handspring walk out cartwheel how to most of the first last best highest rated most discussed most recent most subscribed contest video videos stunts action viral new first bloopers funny asian japanese china prank spoof ad commercial on the flip side health fitness lifestyle vignette interstitial short doc documentary athletes athletic female male stunt team demo rising descent toronto talent film and television casting cloverleaf tuna subway advert advertisment sarah scheunhage toronto ontario canada

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    Toronto Inferno 01:08

    Toronto Inferno

    by lelandtilden (2/22/08) 5,156 views

    During the lunar eclipse, Fire fighters heroically battle the rampant blaze in downtown Toronto's Queen West historic district on February 20th. Drake's cycle shop, Jupiter, Pizziaolo and Suspect video were among the many charred and water-damaged buildings after Toronto's finest firemen battled the blaze for almost 24 hours, through the lunar eclipse. Shot and edited by Leland Tilden, 2008.

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    Dreadlocks 01:09


    by lelandtilden (9/6/07) 3,260 views

    It's not the cough that carries you off, but the coffin they carry you off in.

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    Tramp Bails 01:09

    Tramp Bails

    by lelandtilden (9/6/07) 12,533 views

    World record holding trampolinist Jason Burnett shows Angie and Leland how to megabail and live. Starring Jason Burnett, world record holder for highest degree of difficulty on the trampoline, Angela Kailan and Leland Tilden of RISING DESCENT stunt team in Toronto. Thanks Sky Riders!

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