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    Tet 2008: Doan Xuan Ca 03:33

    Tet 2008: Doan Xuan Ca

    by lilangelnhien (2/8/08) 2,658 views

    Tet at Epiphany of Our Lord Parish... The St. Joseph Missionary!!! Singing and Dancing RECoRDED by Tu Nguyen!!! Organized by TNTT of Tampa! ...Stage Decoration and all! Dancers/Singer in Doan Xuan Ca: ~/8\~ LiGHT BLuE SCaRF: Nhien Nguyen ~/8\~ LiGHT GREeN SCaRF: Jackie Mai ~/8\~ LiGHT PiNK SCaRF: Lena Nguyen ~/8\~ LiGHT PuRPLE SCaRF: Van Pham **SiNGER** ~/8\~ LiGHT YeLLOW SCaRF: Tracy Nguyen Thanks for watching!!!