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    Booze and Barney 03:40

    Booze and Barney

    by lipsticknlaundry (6/27/11) 13 views

    On this episode of LipsticknLaundry, Kate and Judi talk about adults having booze and drinking at kids birthday parties. A 12 year old drowned at a birthday party where all the adults were drinking. Should there be a law against that? Or is it getting into peoples personal business. Weigh in on the show now!

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    Secret Baby For Sandra Bullock?! 05:18

    Secret Baby For Sandra Bullock?!

    by lipsticknlaundry (4/29/10) 40 views

    Time to run the spin cycle with some Dirty Laundry on this show! Daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley is beautiful! Or is NOW thanks to her nose job! Sorry Daddy, some things you really wish you DIDN'T inherit! Also What's new with Brett Michaels, Sandra and Jesse secretly adopted a baby! Wow! How did THAT happen without anyone knowing? Guess it was easier to keep an adopted baby a secret than all of his mistresses!

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    Spring 2010 Fashion Trends! 04:18

    Spring 2010 Fashion Trends!

    by lipsticknlaundry (4/21/10) 25 views

    Snarky, Modern, Brash and sometimes helpful! Kate and Judi ARE LipsticknLaundry! On this episode we give you great tips to get a FREE wardrobe update for Spring 2010! Also check out our coupon codes for eharmony, zazzle, petco and avis!

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    Bill Chott on LipsticknLaundry! 08:41

    Bill Chott on LipsticknLaundry!

    by lipsticknlaundry (4/16/10) 95 views

    Cutting Edge talk, advice, fashion and trends for the modern mom! We just might be able to get "Wizard's of Waverly Places'" Bill Chott to spill all about Selena Gomez! Bill stops by to chat with the girls and talks about touching Johnny Depp (does he smell good or bad?) and his bid for the job of Curly on the new Three Stooges movie!

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    Babys at Work? 04:35

    Babys at Work?

    by lipsticknlaundry (4/7/10) 204 views

    Should every day be a "Bring Your Baby To Work" Day? Kate says "heck Yeah"! Judi says "I don't think so"! What do you think? On this episode on LipsticknLaundry!

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    by lipsticknlaundry (3/9/10) 124 views

    2010 TREND ALERT AND NEW COUPON CODES FOR YA! for teacher, grads, dads and mom gifts at a GREAT discount! Would YOU wear pajama jeans? Or would a cone bra make a real statement! Watch before you decide!

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