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Simple way to emulate the "Matrix Effect" for your own film making. Works better if you have a camera mount for smoother movement but it isn't necessary. Check out the full video "Training for Glory" at film fights!
  • 22 Aug 2007
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Here's a couple friends trying to get some mentos and diet coke bottles to launch or explode. It's harder than most videos make it appear. Funny outtakes.
  • 19 Jul 2007
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Simple instructions on how to build your own cheap steam powered boat. Play in the lake or pool, it's a lot of fun and neat to watch. It's powered by a small candle and will run as long as the candle is lit.
  • 18 Jul 2007
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We wanted to make some reactive targets for shooting. Mentos and diet coke seem to work just fine. Although we used Wonka brand "bottle caps" candy instead of mentos...they work a lot better. Watch the bottles literally explode. We will be posting more films soon, leave a comment with your ideas on what we should shoot. We used 12 gauge birdshot, 12 gauge slug, .223, and a .22 for this video. Next time we're going to see what a shotgun will really do to a television.
  • 18 Jul 2007
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