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    How to Get Unlimited Referrals 01:18

    How to Get Unlimited Referrals

    by lolerskates08 (12/10/08) 282 views 1: click link and go to website 2: fill in what it tells you to fill in and make an account 3:once you have made an account go to the offers page and complete one offer once you have completed an offer go to youtube and send a message to UJHN saying you have signed up and completed an offer

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    How to Get X Box 360 Games FREE!! 02:40

    How to Get X Box 360 Games FREE!!

    by lolerskates08 (12/9/08) 240 views 1:go to the link 2:fill in required fields 3:then complete one offer then you account will go green then you are able to start referring people and getting free stuff :D NO SCAM!!

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    How to Get Unlimited Refferals 02:33

    How to Get Unlimited Refferals

    by lolerskates08 (12/9/08) 251 views i will shwo you how to get unlimited refferals but you have to do something for me 1:go to the link int he description 2:sign up and complete 1 offer 3: then when u have completed an offer send me a message on metacafe and i will get back to you as soon as possible with all the techniques and tips good luck

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    Morons and Failures 02:59

    Morons and Failures

    by lolerskates08 (10/14/08) 1,151 views

    come check out and both great sites and free to use and promote your own website