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    3D Video (no Glasses Needed!) - Mosquito Highway 01:17

    3D Video (no Glasses Needed!) - Mosquito Highway

    by love_son_1 (7/25/09) 10,318 views

    HOW TO VIEW IN 3D: Click on the "3D View Style" menu then select how you'd like to view. Red/Cyan are pretty common but see what works best for you. If you don't have glasses, then select "cross eyed" and just cross you eyes slightly to make the 2 videos overlap into 1. This is normally how I view 3D videos without glasses but if you're not able to overlap images with your eyes then you may want to just purchase a cheap pair of glasses somewhere online or buy a 3D movie from the store and use those glasses. Don't forget to click the full screen button on the bottom right of the video player as well... it helps if you have glasses. Sorry, Disney's fancy RealD polarized glasses don't work on these. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND... : This video was only a test for me to see how YouTube would handle it's new 3D feature. If this becomes popular and people are able to view it then I'll put more effort into the next one. I'd love to do this in my usual video quality. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU: - Cross-eyed can be difficult if you don't have control over your eye muscles. Try sitting away from the screen a bit or just get some practice in. There are a lot of cool videos like this on the net. - If you're using glasses and the image seems to be inside out then use your glasses the other way around. Some glasses are backwards. If your glasses can seperate the 2 images then it may be your computer monitor. A burned out, dull or discolored monitor may not work with your glasses. -STILL doesn't work with your glasses? Make sure you're using anaglyph glasses and not polarized glasses (like Disney RealD). YouTube doesn't support polarized. HOW DID I MAKE THIS? I simply used 2 identical (very cheap) cameras and placed them in the same general direction (both level with the lenses separated about 2 1/2 inches from each other). Then I resized the videos in editing and placed them next to each other (like you see in the "cross-eyed" setting). Once it was uploaded I added a few tags to trigger YouTube's new 3D viewing feature. The tag "yt3d:enable=true yt3d:aspect=3.55:4" is a custom tag I made specifically for this video and may not work for your video if you use it but it wouldn't hurt to try I guess. So just put that code into your tags if your video looks like mine. HOW TO ANIMATE IN 3D: Unfortunately, I had to cross my eyes to edit in 3D. I don't have any big fancy programs or a team to animate for me like most 3D studios have. So I like to keep it simple. It was a pain in the arse making this but it worked and I'm happy for that. YOUTUBE THE MOVIE!!!: If you happen to be in the LA area this Monday, July 27th you should totally check this out! -

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    Michael Jackson DIED 04:08

    Michael Jackson DIED

    by love_son_1 (6/25/09) 5,083 views

    So did Farrah Fawcett (sp?) and Ed McMahon :( ***FOR THOSE THAT WERE UPSET BY MY VIDEO**** I loved his music and talked about his life, its called REFLECTING, I was saying the truth I can understand you not wanting to hear the truth but that's all that was said, nothing that wasn't true He did have crap in his life, so does everyone else, dont be so sensitive about something that LOGICALLY isn't that bad, and it's true that many ppl still hate him, just look at the comments.... so damn sad My Sites! Stalk me Join the family! Add me

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