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    Burger Ad 2 Versions, Woman Vs Man 01:06

    Burger Ad 2 Versions, Woman Vs Man

    by lunatum (2/1/08) 3,804 views

    you may have seen the burger ad with Paris Hilton, imagine they would had hired someone else... it would have been so funny! You will love that video... it is all about the shapes in our world ... so great!

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    When An Ad Tricks So Much People 01:29

    When An Ad Tricks So Much People

    by lunatum (12/22/07) 1,050 views

    We've all seen the video where the police arrives at a bank that got robbed while letting the bad guys go away right in front of them...People thaught the police is numb, but no, they all were wrong,Watch and you'll understand. They're only humans, they just didn't see the car coz it was ugly... WE GOT ALL TRICKED, it was an ad !

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    Life Is A Gift, Everything Is About Time. 01:43

    Life Is A Gift, Everything Is About Time.

    by lunatum (12/22/07) 4,789 views

    Enjoy this beautiful video. Don't waste your life. Please the ones you love, without forgetting yourself. And don't think it all sucks, you are alive, and that's what's important. Relax with this wonderful music

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    How To Draw A Dog 03:53

    How To Draw A Dog

    by lunatum (1/12/08) 14,287 views

    here i show you how i draw dogs for little children, it is easy to teach and easy to learn. The ninja dog i drew was for fun, but i find it cool though. the expression depends on the shape of the eyebrows you draw, be creative. thx for watching

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    Drunk Miner

    Drunk Miner

    by lunatum (2/3/08) 2,985 views

    A miner is explaining alcohol is forbidden when working around the mines because their boss had a trouble with some drunk guy... watch in the background... So good!

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    Friends Are Important 02:41

    Friends Are Important

    by lunatum (12/18/07) 19,371 views

    a very cute video of mine, just to make you realize your friends are here and everyone needs some. Main character : Tatty Teddy, the brown bear that turned into grey

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    Do Ghosts And Spirits Exist ? 04:37

    Do Ghosts And Spirits Exist ?

    by lunatum (12/16/07) 2,591 views

    Here are some stories and pictures, so weird that it's scary! For people who like these mysteries... Don't watch it alone and/or in the dark lol you might really freak out ! Watch the video in full screen so you can reed better. SORRY FOR THE SOUND, Higher the volume a bit

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