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    New American Druglords 08:07

    New American Druglords

    by madcownews (8/13/08) 871 views

    "The New American Druglords" is the latest documentary debunking the myth that there are no American drug lords controlling access to the world's richest and most lucrative drug market. From

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    Secret Heartbeat Of America 04:10

    Secret Heartbeat Of America

    by madcownews (7/1/07) 872 views

    The CIA And Drugs - - In August 1987, two Arkansas high school seniors were brutally murdered, their bodies dismebered by a speeding train. The evidence leads to a massive CIA drug and weapons smuggling operation, and raises stunning questions about CIA and US government involvement in drug and arms trafficking, world-wide.

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    Masters Of The Universe-The Secret Birth Of The Federal Reserve 05:02

    Masters Of The Universe-The Secret Birth Of The Federal Reserve

    by madcownews (5/21/07) 10,227 views

    Was there a takeover of the US by international bankers? Visit the scene of a crime so perfect that, for thirty years, no one knew it had even taken place. Investigate the birth of a criminal conspiracy to rob each and every bank vault in America. The true, behind the scenes, story of the birth of the US Federal Reserve.

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    Mohamed Atta & The Venice Flying Circus 04:39

    Mohamed Atta & The Venice Flying Circus

    by madcownews (5/21/07) 1,763 views

    Did 19 Arab terrorists from desert Kingdoms roam around in Florida as if they'd been listening to Tom Petty albums all their lives all by themselves? Or were they being trained here in a still-secret covert intelligence operation that somehow went horribly wrong?