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    Tooth Fairy, Forum & Discussions 2 01:19

    Tooth Fairy, Forum & Discussions 2

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 11 views

    Visit For One night, Derek steals a dollar from his girlfriend Carly's (Ashley Judd) six-year-old daughter Tess (Destiny Whitlock) that had been left for her lost tooth. Later that night, he receives a summons under his pillow. He magically grows wings and is transported to the realm of tooth fairies. There, he meets his case worker, Tracy (Stephen Merchant), and the head fairy, Lily (Julie Andrews). Lily tells Derek that he is a "dream crusher", due to his unsympathetic dealings with children, and Tess in particular. He is then sentenced to serve two weeks as a tooth fairy. He returns to his bed and wakes up, believing that it was a dream. Comment and Subscribe please...

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    Tooth Fairy, Forum & Discussions 1 01:20

    Tooth Fairy, Forum & Discussions 1

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 8 views

    Visit For Tooth Fairy is a 2010 comedy film starring Dwayne Johnson as the title character, Stephen Merchant, Ashley Judd, and Julie Andrews. It was produced by Walden Media and released by 20th Century Fox on January 22, 2010. It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a minor league hockey player nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy", for hitting opposing players so hard that he knocks out their teeth. Rate and comment please...

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    Tokyo Gore Police, Forum & Discussions 2 01:19

    Tokyo Gore Police, Forum & Discussions 2

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 20 views

    Visit For The film is set in a near future chaotic Japan. A mad scientist known as "Key Man" has created a virus that mutates humans into monstrous creatures called "Engineers" that sprout bizarre weapons from any injury. The Tokyo Police Force has been privatized to deal with this new threat of engineers, so a special squad of officers called "Engineer Hunters" are created to deal with them. However, unlike the average police force, the Engineer Hunters are a private quasi-military force that utilize violence, sadism, and streetside executions to maintain law and order. Comment and Subscribe please if you like it...

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    Tokyo Gore Police, Forum & Discussions 1 01:19

    Tokyo Gore Police, Forum & Discussions 1

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 30 views

    Visit For Tokyo Gore Police (東京残酷警察, Tōkyō Zankoku Keisatsu?) is a 2008 Japanese gore film. The film was directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura and stars Eihi Shiina as Ruka, a vengeful police officer.Tokyo Gore Police was released to several film festivals in North America. It received generally positive reviews, noting that Tokyo Gore Police lives up to the film's title, by being gory, perverse and bizarre. Please rate and comment...

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    Titanic 2 , Forum & Discussions 2 01:09

    Titanic 2 , Forum & Discussions 2

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 159 views

    Visit For The film takes place in April 2012, 100 years since the sinking of the RMS Titanic. A new luxury cruise liner, the SS Titanic II, has been christened, and is soon to embark on her maiden voyage, on the same route the Titanic took 100 years before (however Titanic II begins her voyage in the United States and is scheduled to finish in the United Kingdom). Comment and Subscribe please...

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    Titanic 2 , Forum & Discussions 1 01:09

    Titanic 2 , Forum & Discussions 1

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 80 views

    Visit For Titanic II is a 2010 direct-to-DVD disaster film written, directed by, and starring Shane Van Dyke and distributed by The Asylum. The film is not a sequel to the 1997 film by James Cameron, although movie website Dread Central has suggested the film may be a mockbuster of it. It was released Direct-to-TV in Australia on August 7, 2010. It premiered on SyFy on Sky Digital in the UK and Ireland on August 9, 2010. It was released on August 24, 2010, in the United States to negative reception among critics and the public. Comment and Subscribe please...

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    Three's Company, Forum & Discussions 2 01:19

    Three's Company, Forum & Discussions 2

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 42 views

    After crashing Eleanor's wedding reception and finding himself passed out in the bathtub, Visit For cooking school student Jack Tripper happens across Janet Wood, a florist, and Chrissy Snow, a secretary, in need of a new roommate after Eleanor gets married and moves out. Having only been able to afford living at the YMCA, Jack quickly accepts the offer to move in. Hope you enjoy it...

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    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 29 views

    Visit For Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon is a 2008 Hong Kong martial arts action drama film loosely based on parts of the classical Chinese novel Romance of Three Kingdoms. It was directed by Daniel Lee with a reported budget of US$25 million. The film is one of the two Three Kingdoms-related films released in 2008, with the other being John Woo's Red Cliff. Rate and comment please...

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    This Is It, Forum & Discussions 2 01:19

    This Is It, Forum & Discussions 2

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 3 views

    Visit For Despite originally being set for October 30, the film's release date was rescheduled for October 28, 2009, due to a strong demand by Jackson's fans. The film was given a worldwide release and a limited two-week theatrical run from October 28, to November 12, 2009, but theatrical release was later extended. Tickets went on sale a month early on September 27, to satisfy a high anticipated demand; to date, the film has broken numerous records via tickets both pre-sale and sales worldwide.The film begins with a short text introduction stating the purpose of the footage and its intent "For the fans...". After short dialogues from various dancers, Kenny Ortega is heard talking through the original concert opening sequence involving a body suit made from screens which display fast clips and images with bright intensity from which Jackson emerges on stage. Immediately after this, Jackson begins "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" first solo, which pauses half-way through and a small snippet of Jackson singing his song "Speechless" acapella is shown. Jackson is then joined by dancers and completes the first number. A short clip showing rehearsals of the "toaster" mechanism is shown before rehearsal footage of "Jam" is played. This plays directly into the green screen adaptation of soldiers dancers for "Bad" which are also used for "They Don't Care About Us" which is shown next. Comment and Subscribe please...

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    The X-Files, Free Online Forum & Discussions, Synopsis, Revie... 01:19

    The X-Files, Free Online Forum & Discussions, Synopsis, Revie...

    by malcomgirven (2/1/11) 37 views

    Visit For In the series, FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are the investigators of X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder is a believer in the existence of aliens and the paranormal, while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries. Early in the series both agents become pawns in a larger conflict, and come to trust only each other. They develop a close relationship, which begins as a platonic friendship, but develops into a romantic relationship by the end of the series' run.In addition to the series-spanning story arc, "monster of the week" episodes made up roughly two-thirds of the series. In such stand-alone episodes, Mulder and Scully investigated strange crimes which often had no long-term effect on the storyline, though the episodes contributed to the show's background.In 1998 the feature film The X-Files was released. This was followed in 2008 by a post-series film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. In the last two seasons, Gillian Anderson became the star as David Duchovny appeared intermittently, and new central characters were introduced: FBI agents John Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). Mulder and Scully's boss, Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), also became a central character. By the time the series ended, The X-Files had become the longest-running science fiction series in US broadcast television history, though it was later surpassed by Stargate SG-1. Comment and Subscribe please if you like it...

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